Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yummy Taco's

So- Taco night went fine. Robin helped me prepare my meal ( Taco's with the fixings and corn muffins! )- And it all turned out wonderfully.

It's really amazing to have such a great "sub" family. And even greater to have such great friends from before my "sub life" who do their best to understand and love Joe and I for the crazy military life we have. At one point I looked around at all the different faces laughing at each other and just smiled. I've known a few of them for 8+ years and a few I only met a few months ago- but the group really bonded and there were a lot of great stories and laughs. And babies. That's when you know you're getting old- when you get to invite babies. Chloe and Alvin didn't bond like we wanted- but we can still try to get them together at a later date!

I cherish the nights I can relax a little and just enjoy my girls. I know I am blessed to have such great bonds with quite a few fantastic women.



kkrowan said...

I had so much fun last night! Thank you so much for inviting me!

Robin said...

So when you were looking around was that before or after I predictably nodded off? (which is hard not to do because that couch is oh sooooooo comfy!)

Thanks for having us, it was my pleasure to help out! The whole night was fun - you are the hostess with the mostest :-)

Joe and Samantha said...

It was before. LOL
:) Thanks for helping Robin!

Robin said...

It's your fault for having such a comfy couch! Hahahaha! ;-)