Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McCain/Palin 08 THE real change we need!

I am Joe too. Who are you?

YOUR CHOICE: A smooth talking politician with no experience whatsoever, or a dedicated war hero with years of valuable experience. McCain Palin '08. The REAL change we need.

“Behind the fancy speeches, grand promises and TV special, lies the truth, With crises at home and abroad, Barack Obama lacks the experience America needs. And it shows. His response to our economic crisis is to spend and tax our economy deeper into recession. The fact is Barack Obama’s not ready yet.”

McCain/Palin 08

The military vote could be a difference maker in several traditionally Republican states where Obama is trying to pull off upsets, including North Carolina and Virginia.

We need everyone to vote!

Box from Bahrain!

Shaking hands with the Captain

New Cover!

Getting Pinned!

My box from Bahrain has arrived! Pinning pictures and the video of the actual pinning came with it. I watched the video. Cried. Uploaded pictures. Watched the video. Cried.

I'm so proud! He's so handsome! And look at that new uniform!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Joe's Calendar Square for Oct!~

Here was Joe's Calendar Square today!
Time is going.... YAY

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Really cool stuff....

So there is this awesome gal- her name is Becca.
She makes incredible things!
One of her newer items that I just LOVE are her Crests!

The crests are hand drawn and painted using India ink and watercolor on watercolor paper. They look amazing framed! We'll figure out what elements you'd like (names, dates, pictures, colors) and whip up a whimsically "official" family crest. There are other options,too. The crest could be a sweet, personalized birth announcement for a baby's room, a wonderful gift for a child's room, wedding present for newlyeds... the sky is the limit.

The best part? She's having a little giveaway foe on on her blog.
You must enter!

Go here :
And post a comment about good ideas for your own family crest (You can see examples on her site!)

She will choose a winner randomly on Monday November 3rd.

Good Luck!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

And they're.... off!

They are gone again!
Two thumbs down!

I *do* try to remember the quicker they...go... the quicker they come home! Even though it seems like that is SO far off- I know it's closer and closer every time I lay my head on the pillow.

Joey and I really made some progress during this particular port with communicating. I think I have mentioned a few times(ha-ha) how difficult it can be to communicate ANYTHING during deployment. There is so much unknown to both parties. So many hidden feelings(they have to hide them to do their job well). So many hurt feelings(why don't you ACT like you miss me - stuff). It's just difficult for everyone involved. No one suffers more, everyone suffers differently. It's a lot of work to keep everyone happy. We ended this port on a good note. No sobbing goodbye. No yelling. No angry feelings. Just some kissy faces and waves. The way Joey and Samantha always act. Goofy.

It's hard but it will all be worth it when I can touch him. He has a lot of concerns about re-adjusting when he gets home. I don't share those same concerns but I was glad he expressed them to me while we were on the phone. It's interesting to hear about what he worries about. We seem to worry about completely different things.

For now I am staying excited since I am waiting for cards and a box from Bahrain. It is keeping my mind off the time dragging which is a good thing! Oh- and I'm having fun designing our Thanksgiving card with Mary! Keep an eye out for it!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Last skype session in Bahrain!

The pictures above are from our last skype session in Bahrain-
Fantasic way to end the port- He spent the better part of a day skyping with me. Just what I needed to get my over the 1/2 way hump and ready to finish this DEPLOYMENT!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh the Sun in Bahrain

Well here I sit in the sunny and not as hot as last time Bahrain, Sam commented that I have no concept of time and in an effort to do better I am waiting until at least 6 am there to call. I mean not that she would ever wake me up every morning at the crack of dawn with that cute little prairie dog face she makes when ever she thinks I am awake. I am trying to be nice, mostly so that when I get home and want to sleep in I can bring this fact up.

The time in port goes way toooo quick there has been a lot of work to do and not as much time to talk to Sam as I would have liked. That being said I have had a chance to talk to her a lot more then last time and that was good. So we are more then 1/2 way done. I am very happy about that. I am not going to lie and say I am not home sick, I very much am. It's great to have the support from home, Sam is great about sending me things and all the cards and notes I get make this the best that it could be. Also knowing that there are lots of people to take care of her while I am gone has been a big help, I know she has been in need of that help a few times. Thank you for all the help Ray and Cindy. It means a lot to have a great support system in place for her. And you guys send great care packages.

I also want to thank all the people who have sent me cards, Steve and Becky thank you for the note, it was very nice, cant wait to see the band again. Shawn and Becky thank you, Aaron is no longer here but its still a strange coincidence. Robin and Greg, thank you for all the nice cards. Steve and Gail thank you very much for the gift it means a lot. Also Jeannie and Ken, Pete and Sue, The Laurie family, Becky Butler...and many more-the cards are great. Keep them coming. I will be very glad to get home and have some time there and I look forward to seeing everyone when I get home until then, thank you again for all you do, you are in my thoughts.


Saturday, October 18, 2008


I'm very excited about today. It's our(wives and moms) 1/2 way celebration. Woo-Woo! I was actually the committee chair on this event and am so excited it's finally here. My committee spent the entire night last night making three tier star cakes and raffle baskets. We have worked so hard to make this night super special and I'm glad it's finally here. AND most importantly I can't wait to see the video they made for us. Joey said he has a beard in it.

I also got woken up around 6:45AM by my husband. I was so shocked and happy. He has duty today- so it's a treat to get to talk on the phone. It was a good conversation. The first one that I felt happy when the conversation was over. It can be so difficult. Most conversations leave me wanting for more, More, MORE! I knew he had to specifically make time to call me and I know he took longer on the phone with me then he really had. And he told me he sent me some mail from Bahrain. YAY. I love mail. It was a perfect day/night to end the conversation well. It's such a celebration to be 1/2 way!

I'll feel lucky to be celebrating with all the wives from our boat and really special that my best friend Becky(there on Eric Doe's behalf) and my mother (the coolest M-I-L ever!)will be there. I couldn't have a better support team or a more dedicated husband. My husband is dedicated to trying to understand deployment from my point of view. Recently he said... " Is there something I could do to make it better for you?". I said that I couldn't think of anything- but what I was thinking is... You just made it better by saying that. At the end of the day- Joe's sacrifice is always the bigger one, the harder one... but it's nice to know he can see my sacrifice too.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Bahrain skyping

Smiles from Bahrain!

We finally got to skype with the cameras today! It was fantastic. Joe had the Chiefs champagne brunch this morning which is why he is wearing a dressy white shirt.

I can't believe how much easier it is to communicate when we can see each other. I finally got to see a few pictures from his pinning. He's sending me a box with his chief coins and a video that was taken during the ceremony. I can't wait to get the mail.

Life feels so much better now!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Communication = Frustration

Gosh darn it's hard to communicate.
stupid phone calls
stupid phone calls that I waited and waited for....
why do we always screw them up...
can't sleep
can't stop thinking....


What I really meant to say is:

... I feel so stupid for missing you so much. I love you to pieces and wish you were home to make everything better. I'm sorry for not being perfect..but I'm trying really hard to make this easy on you. It's hard for me too. You might be home sick but I'm Joe sick. I love you so much it hurts and I can't wait for this stupid deployment to be over.

Concept of Time

My husband has no concept of time on that deployed submarine of his- THANK GOD!

My cell phone rang at 2:41AM. I almost killed myself getting up to get it. I reminded myself all the way there... It's not him, you have a whole another day until you get to hear his voice. Don't get excited. Don't get excited Samantha.

Sam: Hello?
Joe: Monkey!
Sam: Is everything okay? You're early!
Joe: Why do you ever listen to what squadron says?
Sam: Who else am I supposed to listen to?
Joe: I'm on someones cell phone. We just pulled in. It's $1.00 a minute on his cell phone but I wanted to tell you I love you and I will call you after work. What time is it there?
Sam: Almost 3am.
Joe: Oh. I'm sorry. It's 10am here.
Sam: It's okay. I'm glad you called. Still a working port?
Joe: Yes. But we'll talk. It's okay.
Sam: (little kid voice) Okay. but I miss you.
Joe: I miss you too monkey. I have to go. I love you
Sam: ok. I love you.

( or something similar )

I hope he calls me monkey even when we have a monkey of our own in the future.
It's very endearing. And wonderful.

So. Joe's in port. And he's is not a chief selectee anymore. This means there is no chief training- so we'll be able to talk every day hopefully.

I'm so excited and nervous ( I don't know why I get nervous we won't have anything to say or something- even though I have a list ).

OK, time to get off to work and cart the lap top with me- in case we can skype!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Still under the sea!

Boys are still under the sea. I haven't heard Joey's voice since late August. Pretty crazy when you actually think about it. We have been able to communicate pretty frequently with each other over e-mail. Not the best form of communication, but better then nothing!

I got a sweet email ( Gosh, it's nice to feel appreciated every once in a while! ) when they celebrated being 1/2 through deployment. He enjoyed the 1/2 way bag I sent on with him. I put a bunch of boy stuff in there. Stupid stuff really. Wind up sushi things, Fake teeth, PSP games, drink mixes, beef jerky, magnetic games..etc etc. His favorite(or at least most talked about in email) was the fake teeth. The .25cent item! Anyway-I was glad he enjoyed his day of bag opening and hope he felt the love all the way over here...all the way under the ocean.

Now the question is- where is my 1/2 bag?
Oh, that's right...we only make them for them! I think that needs to change!

I AM looking forward to our 1/2 night celebration which is this coming weekend at Skippers Dock! Yippie! We will get to see the video messages they left for us. Almost better then a 1/2 way bag. Of course, we sent them a video too! Which Joe hasn't mentioned. Maybe I had spinach in my teeth or something?

Who knows!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

RIP Robinson

Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers

Sailor Killed on Carrier Flight Deck
October 07, 2008

Petty Officer 2nd Class Robert Lemar Robinson died Saturday on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower after being struck by a plane during flight operations.

Navy officials released Robinson's name Monday but offered no details of the incident, which is under investigation.

Lt. Courtney Hillson, a spokeswoman for the Navy's 2nd Fleet, said Robinson was struck at 8:16 p.m. and was pronounced dead 16 minutes later. Robinson was 31. He is survived by his mother and three children, Hillson said.

A native of Detroit, Robinson joined the Navy in 1998 and was assigned to the Eisenhower in January. As an aviation boatswain's mate in the carrier's air department, he was responsible for handling and moving aircraft on the flight deck.

The Ike has been at sea since Sept. 16, conducting routine training operations. On Saturday, it was off the coast of North Carolina.

Flight operations ceased for a time after the incident, but planes resumed flying onto and off the carrier late Sunday morning, Hillson said. The carrier remains at sea and will hold a memorial service for Robinson on Wednesday.

The Navy often refers to a carrier's flight deck as one of the most dangerous places in the world. Catapults on the 4.5-acre steel deck can launch as many as four planes a minute, while arresting wires simultaneously recover incoming aircraft.

In July, Petty Officer 3rd Class Daniel R. Verbeke, an aviation boatswain's mate, died from injuries he sustained on the deck of the carrier Theodore Roosevelt in 2005.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Submarine Blessing

Bless those who serve beneath the deep,
Through lonely hours their vigil keep
May peace their mission ever be,
Protect each one we ask of Thee.
Bless those at home who wait and pray
for their return by night and day.

Missing my husband.
Knowing he is safe...but longing for his touch.

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's finally FALL

I truly love Fall.

But... Gosh is the FALL kind of lonely.
The deployment has flown by pretty quickly. We're 1/2 through! I can tell that the 2nd half isn't going to go as fast as the first half did.

I'm supposed to be picking apples and watching the leaves turn colors with him. And although I enjoy hot chocolate and apple cider. It's not really the same unless he makes it. I think I can almost replicate his cocoa. I can't touch his apple cider. He's always so secretive when he's mulling it on the stove.

Renassiance Fairs go on when Joey's gone but I haven't found myself getting a group together to go to one like I thought I would. I know it would just make me sad. Joey and I act like kids at those things. We chomp on chicken legs, cheer on the jousts and dress up for the events. And I always end up leaving them with something I didn't need but Joe claims I have to have. He spoils me. When he's gone- it's the other way around. I spoil him. He's on a submarine under the sea and he already has the latest PSP game(God of War) waiting for him across the world for when he pulls up somewhere. Don't get me wrong- I enjoy spoiling him. It's just been so long since he's gotten that silly look on his face and tells some sales person.. " We'll take it " while I shake my head. He always finds it much more amusing if I completely disagree with the purchase. I'm not disillusioned to the fact that because we're not together he isn't buying things for me that I disapprove of. There has been more then one eye brown raise on my part back home when his deployment credit card statement has come in for me to pay.

I like watching the leaves turn all different colors. I just wish he was here to share it with. I really love fall. Things just aren't the same when your best friend is gone. I find myself looking over at a blank space in bed, in the car and even out in town when I have something silly to say. I try to find comfort in coming home to tell him in e-mail. It's not the same though.

Boo deployments!