Saturday, August 2, 2008


Joey made it.

For any enlisted submarine wife- You know WHAT a huge deal this is in our lives. I cried when Jeannie called me at the airport... ( I was on my way to Indy - and still in INDY for MIC training- so more on the whole chief and what it means things later! ) I am so proud- we were an EP (early promote) and STILL Joe made it. He is the only one to make it on the boat- so the "reindeer games" have already begun- You should see some of the requests for information I'm getting in email- I feel bad for him but AM so excited that he's taking part in it- and almost sad... I can't be right there... Of course I got the following email- which just produced more tears:

I am glad that I made it and it's due in no small fact to you, if it wasnt for you I would never be able to live this life and do well at it. You are the most important factor helping me get through this. I love you very much and I am glad we got to do this together, in the spirit of together I need some help....

Words couldn't explain how much I love this man. I am truly blessed to be married to him. I am so glad he picked me to spend the rest of his life with!

I'm sad to know - I can't pin him. His COB will more then likely do the job. I was promised pictures too!




mommymichael said...

yay! congrats joe!

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh!!! Congrats to you both!! That's so exciting!

Miss Hope said...

Congrats to you!!!! My hubby did all of this right before we got married and it makes me sad I didn't appreciate it more. I try to make up for it with friends now.

P.S. Our 4 year old has learned how to say "Aye, Chief!" when he gets in trouble. Hilarious!!

Nereus said...

Congratulations Joe and to Samantha

You both have passed a great milestone in you military career and in life. I wish you both the best.


Nereus said...

Congratulations Joe and Samantha..

All the best in the future. Thank you both for doing the hard job that being a Submariner and Submariner's wife is..


kkrowan said...

Congrats! Thats so great!

Allison said...

Hey... I have no idea what being promoted to Chief on a submarine means, but congratulations anyways! sounds awesome and very exciting. Congrats on your accomplishment also!