Friday, January 30, 2009

The wife I love....

Well its been a bit since I have blogged and now that I am home I should have more time, I just wanted to post a quick one to let everyone know that my wife is... well here is the back story you can decide.
So to set the stage its 0428 this morning and we are both in bed asleep:
Samantha says 'Hey Joe' in that cute little pathetic kid voice she has, which is enough to wake me up and I say " yeah?" She replies with " Can you go get me a drink?' Now I am really awake. She just woke me up to get her a drink? So when I ask her "What!?" She calmly informs me that it is cold out from under the covers and she doesn't want to go all the way down stairs. On the face of it seems reasonable, except she then gets up and goes to the bathroom and again asks ME to go down stairs and get her a drink. Now there is one thing that I have learned, some times its better to just give in then fight about the little stuff, so I got to be cold and go get her a drink and then be colder again because she wanted her Kindle that was downstairs so she could read and fall back asleep. Its a very good thing shes cute.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Back to normal......

Finally-It feels completely normal.

I'm sitting on the couch playing video games on the laptop with my monkey cup at my feet. My husband is sitting next to me on his PSP. Eric is on one of our leather chairs..PSP in hand. Josh is sprawled out on the other couch with his brand new PSP-that the boys hunted down together earlier this evening. The fire is going. The four of us just had a wonderful dinner together-home made turkey soup. Life doesn't get better. I'm enjoying the "boy banter". I'm loving hearing Joe's belly laughs while they battle the dragons in Monster Hunter 2.

My normal life. My fantastic normal life.

I guess it's not completely normal to play host to two of our good friends(Both groomsmen in our wedding)-but they are our family and we're happy to host. Joe is really enjoying having them here-which makes me enjoy it as well. I think sometimes "guy" time gets lost in married life. Joe doesn't seem to need it as much since I'm so much of a gamer myself but it's fun to see him interact with the guys and enjoy his "guy" time right in our home. I mean this is like the single life and married life rolled into one-. Sex and video games(with the guys!)- He thinks he died and went to heaven(I bet!)

As I look over at my screaming(to the PSP) husband and feel the warmth of our home which is only warmer with guests... I simply think...Yes. this is it. This is what I missed for six months. The simple feeling of warmth.

Ah, Life is good.

Hubs has promised a very long blog in the next day or so- so check back.

Friday, January 16, 2009

He's home......

He's home. Home Coming was nothing like I expected/planned- but I did make the paper! That's me in the red jacket!

Well.. He's home! Safe and Sound! Cheers to that.

Home Coming was WAY TOO hectic. The food was great- but the clean up took forever. Trying to include and please everyone turned out to be a huge mess. I was completely stressed out before, during and after HC -when I should have enjoyed putting on my Home Coming outfit, standing at the pier and being home with my husband. Joe was stressed about getting home to everyone-so he basically pushed flowers in my chest and ran back on the boat. We've both agreed- Never again.

It took us a few days to actually start enjoying our time home together. In fact- as we crawled in bed last night we laughed with each other about how how yesterday was the first day we had a good time together. He has duty today. I'll bring dinner over later and then pick him back up in the morning. We have tomorrow off together-and are excited about that. No plans yet-but those shape up to be our best days together!

No orders for us yet- and Joe is wanting to go overseas for an IA for 14 months instead of to shore. This would put him back to sea for two years(afte the completion of the IA) and then to a shore duty. It's a fantastic career move for him and I'm in complete support of it. No final decisions have been made and our whole life is up in the air until we do make one(should know for sure in the next few weeks). It would be an unaccompanied tour but I would go out and visit a few times while he was away. We'll see. I look at it as a mini adventure. This is the only time(no kids) in our life that it would make sense. He's still screening for PMT(shore duty in Groton). We'll see what his final decision is.

That's it for now.
I'm going to get a lot done today so that we can relax tomorrow.

Thank you(you know who you all are) for the support and love during Deployment.

Samantha(and Joe)
P.S CPO party invites should have been in your mail boxes-please let me know if you're coming!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Changing the saying.....and T-yous!

They have that saying... " Good friends will help you move..." There is nothing wrong with that saying- I totally agree. I have to make a new one though;

"REALLY good friends will drive twelve hours STRAIGHT in snowy weather with only a one hour break in the middle to watch you give a presentation"

We left at 11:00AM and pulled up exhausted at 1:30AM(the following day). What a way to pass a day!

There are good things about deployment.

You learn a lot about yourself(what you can accomplish!) and about your family and friends. Yesterday I learned that I have two amazing people that I can truly depend on. Thank-you Stephanie and Eric. I couldn't have done that trip without you. I'd be in a ditch. I think it goes without saying that Joe thanks you as well.

My parents who have been lovingly supportive throughout my life and have continued(I'm so lucky) this love and support during my adult hood. It has been a constant during this deployment.

I got an email from Joe's mom that said... Don't forget to breathe. I smiled and thought- now she's starting to know who I am.

Home Coming is getting closer! Woot-Woot

Current feelings about HC:

1. If I have one more list of things I have to do..... (that I'll never do in time)- I'm really going to barf.

2. This Home Coming stuff is the best diet plan in the world. The thought of food makes me want to hurl.

3. I ran a load of towels. Will he care about the clean towels? He better notice the clean towels... Ah, it doesn't matter if he notices the clean towels. I think I might ralph

4. I really hope my dad can figure out how to hang the banners outside. The one inside looks great. If he can't hang the two outside-I'm going to puke.

5. I better stay calm or my face is going to break out and then when Joe sees me... he will blow chunks.

6. There are a lot of words for throwing up!

7. I can't wait to feel his arms around me.

8. I'm excited to wear my new red jacket and thin black scarf(that was a personal mission of mine and Steph's to find!!!)

9. I have a lot of cleaning left to do.

10. I couldn't have done this without a fantastic support system. I can't end this blog today without thanking them:

-My family: For asking all the right questions and having sympathy in all the right places. For taking time to send Joe all the cards and packages you all did. Meant the world to us both. I love you more then I could explain- Thank you!
-Stephanie: My partner in crime. Thanks for passing the time with me.
-J: For understanding every SINGLE feeling I had or at least for pretending to. For calling Ken whenever I clearly needed to be saved from jumping and getting the answers I needed. For...the best two minutes of my life- " Are you sitting down?", " Yes, Is everything okay?", "Yes- Are you ready to be a chiefs wife?". I'm glad it was you who told me. I wouldn't want that memory any other way. I heart you always.
-Ken, Illene, Erica S: For making the Chief transition easier for me- I needed it!
-Making It Count: Two trainings, Two weekends with no deployment in mind. You are all amazing. Always. Thanks for listening and loving.
-Pete and Sue: For a freezer full of food, good conversation and tears during deployment. It was piece of mind for Joe. And I'm glad.
-Civilian friends: For doing your best to understand. For sending cards to Joe because I asked. For loving us from far away places even when this life is confusing. We have appreciated it every step of the way.

... And to Joe. Thank-you. For helping me appreciate the little things. For being SO good with email(142 of them!). For finding time to call. For all the times you say.."our career". For the best email I've ever received(We made chief!). For making me proud over and over and over again. I will love you until the end of time. We finished this deployment with a lot of laughs, tears, and respect for each other. We finished this deployment knowing how strong our marriage is. We finished this deployment eager to start the next chapter in our lives. We finished this deployment excited. Oh and I can't forget the $75.00 sweater we have to show for it! We can do anything. As we like to say-we're super heroes. I always thought that was just a funny joke we had- now... I know it's true.


Monday, January 5, 2009


I miss you and cant wait to come home. Please dont kill your self getting ready for me to come back, I know you want everything to be perfect but if you are there and I get to go home with you then that's more perfect then I need, dont worry about the signs and lights and food and everything I just want to get home with you and be together. I love you and miss you and will be home soon.


Sunday, January 4, 2009


Every time I open an email from Joe- I think "Lame"(thanks for the great new word Steph!). Either he's not getting my emails or doesn't want to respond to my question about a $75.00 sweater. I'm asking other things as well -millions of them- like will you be getting off the boat in time to see my banners or do I need to spot light them? I mean I need to know these types of things! Mostly I want to know about the $75.00 sweater. I need to know if it's lined with gold? Or doubles as a recliner? Or can also be used as a space mobile? It can't just be a sweater if it was $75.00 These are important questions I have.

... Then I try to remember that Stephanie keeps asking about a $2200.00 charge that when looked up says it came from a "floor covering" store. We've decided that we are giving Jimmy the benefit of the doubt and that he didn't really spend $2200 on rugs. Still- I feel slightly better...(Sorry Steph- I love you and Jimmy!)

After I think his email is lame- I re-read it and think he might off himself before they get home. He sounds miserable. He's worried about ORSE. Annoyed with basically everyone. Exhausted. Ready to be home... I won't go on and on and on...but.. Yeah. Totally ready to hang himself in the bathroom.

My current thought is I should have laid low on the cliff bars and packed him some scuba gear. I could have hidden it in SOME locker - right? Then he could scuba home. Wouldn't be the same Home Coming-but at this point... I don't care.

Time has basically stopped. But it's not going slow enough that I'll ever get everything done before Home Coming. It's a weird slowness.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I'm so glad it's 2009- My husband comes home to me in 2009!!!!

Spent the New Year with two of my favorite people-Eric and Stephanie. Totally low key but fun especially when Eric told us he was sleeping in the bathroom. Stephanie and I drifted to sleep around 2:30am with Nora Roberts in our hands.

One of the best things that came out of this deployment is my friendship with Stephanie. No matter where the Navy takes us- she'll always be part of my family. We got through Deployment 08/09 side by side. There wasn't a week that we didn't spent a day or two together. I'm so very thankful for her. And we're on the home stretch together. We did this.

As for Resolutions: I'd like to try to relax more. Write less "to do" lists. Try to understand that not everyone thinks the same way I do. Those kinds of things. My resolution list is the same very year. *sigh*

Happy 2009. Should be a great year for me.
On our list(haha!) of things to do (in this order)

- Major Deck/Hot tub addition - including extending the office for laundry UPSTAIRS!
(stand by a phone near you to get a call for help- That means you: Dad, Eric Doe, Shawn Henderson, Peter Campagna, Ken Denney, Jimmy West)
- BBT (Before Baby Trip) to ITALY! Target date of flight: Spring
- Open our business (secret will be published as soon as we have more information- expect notice via email or screaming excited phone calls in the early summer)
- Get pregnant- Baby Belly coming in the late Summer(fingers crossed)

Happy New YEAR!
Samantha LaCouture