Friday, February 27, 2009

Joe's Promotion Party-and ORDERS!

Things have calmed down a lot here!
Joe's party was a great success. We were surrounded with many people who love and respect Joe. Many Chiefs from the boat attended as well as all my family and all of our friends. It was fantastic.

We finally got orders and today is actually his last day attached to the USS Alexandria. Joe made three deployments on Alex. He was also pinned Chief LaCouture there. And has made many life long friends from his time on the sub. I think it's bittersweet for him-but he seems excited to move on to the next part of his life and career......

We were really excited to be interviewing for a job with Group for his shore duty. Group is above Squadron and Squadron is above the boats(To give you an idea). To get picked to interview was a honor. But then the decision. The group job had him traveling 2-3 days-three weeks out of every month. It would be a big career enhancer. But the travel- not what we expected. Me? I said go for it. I agreed to Navy wife life- and that means being supportive of all of it. We talked about it at length and finally decided we could make it work some how. Maybe I'd go with him sometimes...whatever, we'd figure it out. I sent him off that morning hopeful he would find out he got the job-another moment for me to be super proud.

Phone rings in the afternoon:

Joe: Hi.
Sam: Hello. Well?
Joe: I took Sub School. I'm going to teach instead. I decided after thinking about it that I want to be home. It's more important to me. The career is going fine. I'll figure it out.
Sam: Are you sure? I really don't mind.
Joe: I'm sure.
Sam: Okay ( slightly confused )
Joe: Ok, I'll see you in a few hours. I love you.

I'm a lucky gal. And so are the kiddos we plan to make during shore duty. The Navy may tell us- Navy first. Lucky for me- my husband ( when he can ) - likes it to be family first.

So off to sub school we go. We have two weeks of transfer leave. Joe reports the 16th. I'm traveling(speaking) in New York all next week-so that's where we will be.


Saturday, February 14, 2009


We went out for Valentines Day breakfast- stuffed strawberry french toast-YUM!

We had decided that we weren't going to exchange gifts for Valentines Day this year.
But.... I guess secretly- neither one of us liked that idea.

I got a beautiful coach bag.
Joe got his big gigabit router that he's been dreaming of.

Happy Vday!