Monday, August 4, 2008


My own ( very small in comparison to my husband ) success: I certified this weekend. I will be presenting the High School program- Making High School Count this next semester.

No easy task- as a VETERAN- We didn't get to only present two segments of the presentation- Oh no no no. Our task? Pretend you got to the presentation and instead of the 50 minutes you should have- You have 25. Show us the shortening techniques you would use.

Ready Go.

I was ( thankfully ) VERY prepared script wise. Knew it cold.
Did well and certified.

Already have a few presentations booked. Ultra psyched for a great semester.

CONGRATS to my other vets. It was an amazing uplifting weekend as always. You all rock. It was great to be with you all for a weekend of "me's".

Samantha ( favorite part of the script- Oh and by the way... to get it done in the classroom- you have to be IN THE CLASSROOM(insert sassy here) - haha. Until next semester road warriors...until next semester....

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Robin said...

Woohoo! That's a load off of your back - yay!