Thursday, December 30, 2010

1st Christmas

Happy Holidays!
Gosh, life is busy with our wonderful baby- but we wanted to get these pictures up before 2011

Halloween 2010 (She won 2nd place in the Quaker Hill 5 and under contest!!!):

Thursday, June 24, 2010

...where time has gone..

Where time has gone...I have no idea. :)

I need to start posting... But I have this wonderful tiny monkey that takes up my spare time. Today, I got on the actual internet(I use my phone for it) and am enjoying catching up with everyones blogs, posts and emails!

Joe and I are enjoying adjusting to our new roles as parents while still enjoying our role as partners. Easier to say then do! But, we're finally in a place where we feel like we have accomplished the right balance. We really have so many friends and family members to thank!

Things we've done since Savannah's birthday on 3/28:

-Bought a brand new Chevrolet Equinox - LOVE IT
-Celebrated Mother's Day
-Celebrated Father's Day
-Drove straight(There and Back) to IL to visit family!
-Had a huge party to welcome Savannah(and celebrate her 7 week bday)
....and I am sure I am missing a bunch of things....

Anyway... I promise to post pictures soon! She's wonderful and beautiful...and well, I'll post soon!

Samantha(The little monkey in the family)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

...and she's here!

Savannah Grace LaCouture was born on March 28th 2010 weighing 8lb 10oz and 20 and 3/4inches long! She had a tough entrance into this world.... Came out with her head and hand together (vac extracted). No movement in her right arm/shoulder when she first came out- plus her heart hadn't been doing good as I was pushing. We were about 10 seconds from a C-section...and we had one more pull with the vac extractor- and phew! I got her out! Luckily the fluid pockets in her head healed and drained on their own. And her shoulder/right arm now has full movement. NICU at L and M were fantastic- as were all the nurses and our amazing doc!

Talk about a birth plan...not going to plan!

Mommy has 30 stiches! Recovery hasn't been very fun, Joe has been wonderful though. And our family is enjoying it's time together.

Here are some pictures. Joe didn't get to cut the cord because she needed NICU attention-but we staged a cord cutting(a shortening). The picture of the three of us is the first time I got to hold her after she had NICU attention. They were actually still sewing me up(an hour later).

The only thing that has gone to "plan" is the breast feeding. She's a fantasic latcher! We were able to get that started on our first try. Took about 4 minutes and she was a pro! We're really glad that we haven't struggled with this.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

40 weeks and 3 days

Savannah's due date of March 22nd came and went...... and we wait... and wait...and wait... and we're still waiting. Walking 2-3 miles a day and playing around with a lot of what our midwife calls... "seduction induction"....

:) We hope to meet her soon!
Doc Appointment tomorrow morning so we will see what they say!
A very excited Joe
A very over-it Samantha
A very stubborn Savannah

Thursday, March 18, 2010

39.5 weeks

Here I am at 39.5 weeks.

We're doing everything to naturally induce Savannah to come into the world :) We even did a 3 mile walk yesterday(mostly uphill). She's not budging. Stubborn like Daddy.

Can't believe my due date is Monday. It just seems crazy. Time has flown. We can't wait to get her out and about this spring and summer.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

37 weeks!

Belly cast! Now we have to sand it.... and of course paint it.

Almost done!

An awesome Christmas present from Joe. So, here we are at 37 weeks doing our belly cast which we plan to paint on our anniversary March 5th(Friday).

37 Weeks! :)

20 more days until Savannah's due date!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CT shower

My shower in CT was beautiful. Thank-you to Becky- and her helpers: Mrs. Butler, Katelyn and Stephanie for throwing such a beautiful shower!

I had over 100 pictures (thank-you photographer Katelyn!) - but here are some of my favorites. Aren't these cupcakes awesome!!!! And... the last picture is the rocker that my mother-in-law got me. SO comfortable! I want to sit in it every moment now that I'm at big as a hippo.

We feel blessed for all the love from that day!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gifts from far away and RI Shower :)

We've been getting a lot of wonderful gifts from special friends and family from out of state these last few weeks. Two recent favorites are the beautiful submarine sweater and this adorable monkey:

My mom gave a beautiful shower in RI this past weekend- Pictures are on the way!
-Samantha, Joe and Savannah(32 weeks cooked)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

31 weeks!

Here I am at 31 weeks. Things are going well. We're taking the birthing class at the hospital we plan to deliver at. Our doula has scheduled a few visits before Savannah's "birth-day" that we're excited about. We are practicing all the different positions and breathing techniques we have learned every day. I'm still enjoying my pre-natal Yoga class and we're still putting a few finishing touches on the room. Savannah Grace will be here before we know it! And we're excited!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Years Eve

Still catching up on blog pictures and information- Sorry!
Christmas was wonderful- Great time spent with many friends and Family.

We knew we didn't want to be out late on NYE- but wanted to do something special. We went and saw Avatar and then to the Melting Pot for their special dinner that evening. We were home by 8:30 and sleeping around 11:00. Joe did wake me up to say Happy New Year.

2010 should be a special year for us.

I'm 28.5 weeks in the picture on NYE.
The LaCouture family