Saturday, August 30, 2008


OK, New roof done - Or so I thought...

Rain storm......7am...drip drip drip. I jump out of bed and go flying into our office to see our ceiling start to crack with water dripping at a very fast pace.

Are you serious ( What I actually said...) before dialing my parents. the roofer(left a message) and Pete(the neighbor).

Now...I have a bucket... and towels...and I'm just over this whole thing.

I'm getting ready for work- hoping that while I am the dripping doesn't change spots or drip faster(due to rain) then it already is...because I can't save my stuff....because.. I'll be at work..



mommymichael said...

that's one of those moments you scream into the wild air


then you quickly realize, *or maybe not so quickly... you chose to be left to deal with it. (i.e. marrying the shmuck who left you!)


ohhhhh *sigh* poor samantha. this too shall pass in due time.

Joe and Samantha said...

Yeah. Lucky for my shmuck(aka deployed husband)- He's super cute- so he'll be forgiven. LOL

but..yes- it was one of those moments. Thanks for making sure that I didn't feel crazy for my screaming fit this morning!

Miss Hope said...

I remember being in South Carolina and the hubby was geo-batch'ing up in Norfolk and it was pouring down rain in freezing cold weather when my toilet overflowed and within 30 minutes, the washing machine did, too. I had to open the back door and do a cup brigade with my oldest to keep the water from going everywhere while I waited for my Dad to make it home to help me. I had tears just rolling down my face and my then 11 year old said..."I am SO over this."

Here's hoping and praying you got it taken care of. I know how you feel, girl.

Miss Hope said...

Oh, and did I mention he was out at sea for a few weeks of tests and trials and I couldn't reach him and blister his ears via the phone over how he left me to raise three kids alone and a home with obvious plumbing problems??

I wasn't over it by the time he got back in a couple of weeks later, either.