Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I've been feeling very frustrated and overwhelmed lately. I can't seem to snap out of it. Nothing really in particular- just a lot of things in a lot of areas in my life.

I miss Joe. No one is as comforting as he is. I have people who come in a very close second thankfully but it's still not the same. I was having a really crappy day yesterday and I swear that the 3 year old I watch knew it. She's not a cuddly kid. She's hilarious but not into snuggles. She's got bigger and better things to do. Not only did I get snuggles....I got.. " I love you mantha's" ALL DAY. Kelly snuck in a cheerful visit and Stephanie was online when I was getting into bed to tell me my feelings were normal. I love Regan, Kelly and Stephanie- but Joe snuggles would have been nice. See.. Me? I'm not hilarious- I'm cuddly!

New schedule starts in a week- Since High School will be starting and I start speaking (YAY) again.

Monday - Girls
Tuesday/Wed - Speaking
Thursday - Girls
Friday- Store/ Sometimes Speaking
Sat - Store (every other)
Sunday - Store

My speaking schedule is already pretty booked up- Which is great. I really love the program in the fall. Nothing else very exciting to report in August. We're ( About ten families ) having a huge yard sale in my yard on Sat the 16th. I'm psyched to try to get rid of the rest of the leftovers from the YARD SALE and the new stuff I've collected.

Joe's still in the transition period(6 weeks) of making Chief. This is a really tough time for him especially because he is the only one on his sub to have made it. He's always in my thoughts. He'll get pinned on/around September 15th on the boat. Normally I would get to pin him-but not when he's on deployment. I just hope they take some good pictures. I can't wait for him to get pinned. I'm making the cutest announcements in the world to send out!

Well- that's the update for now!


Stephanie said...

Hang in there my dear...things will get better soon.
Of course cuddles from your man are better than anything :) You'll get them soon enough!

Robin said...

Sending you some (((hugs)))...

Mary said...

It's hard sometimes and we all go through this. Hang in there...

{ Becca } said...

I'd love to hear you speak sometime! Is there anytime that would be possible? How did you get into that?

I didn't end up going to the gym today, I'm overwhelmed with work so I've been playing catch-up all morning. Let me know when you work again, and maybe I can drop by! Also, did you get my message on the board about the notecards?

I hope you're feeling better!! Hang in there, girlie!