Thursday, April 23, 2009

Busy around the house....

My wisdom teeth are doing just fine(being out) - I'm healing and everything looks pretty good. The Doc did my checkup yesterday. We were glad that I didn't have any further problems ( including dry socket ). Yes!

We went on the first Harley ride of the season last weekend. Gosh that felt good. It was a long day -but a great ride. We are proud members(both Joe and I) of the American Legion-so we stopped there to have a drink during our ride. It was BEAUTIFUL OUT-even if I had chaps on. We also got a lot of work done around the house like raking the leaves, cutting down prickle bushes, finishing doors we hung up etc.

We were most excited to hang an anniversary present that came from Joe's father and step mom. Isn't it beautiful. He made it. Yep- you heard right folks- Joe's dad made it. If you could see the stained glass in the light... wooowie. We're so lucky to have it and so glad to finally have gotten it up.

That's it really! We're headed to Maine this weekend to visit Joe's mom- We're hoping the good weather follows us there(since it's supposed to beautiful here but rainy there!)

Less then 10 days until Disney!
Samantha(and Joe)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wisdom Teeth....

Day 2 of recovery and doing pretty well.
I'm only allowed to be on the laptop for a few hours ( Big Monkey(that's Joe) has stupid recovery rules...)

Figured I would blog during my laptop time.

They got all three out and the cyst as well yesterday morning . It went well according to them. When they woke me up, I started crying for Joe and my monkey blanket- which he rushed in with as soon as they would let him. I was pretty out of it since I remember nothing of the recovery room. They kept me in the recovery room for a long time ( 4'11", 120 pounds ...takes a bit to "come to" - I guess). Next thing I know... I decide I want my mommy too. (Note: This was my first time having any sort of surgery, being in any type of hospital- I've never even broken anything ). Mommy had already planned to come...and she walked into my recovery room minutes after with a rose bush and get well balloon. Aren't I a lucky girl?

Yesterday I read and laid around ALL day. I did eat more then most people usually do- so I hear that is a good sign. I wasn't allowed dairy yesterday but I had applesauce, pudding and mashed potatoes. Today I'm waiting for Joe to come home during lunch so I can have tomatoe soup and soft grilled cheese with no crust.

So far- very little bleeding or swelling. It's going better then I thought. I get in A LOT of pain before my meds- but I'm glad it's over and glad for such a great support system and all the calls checking in (Thanks- LaCouture family, Campagna family...etc - Joe's told me about your calls - Means a lot to me!)

That's all for now!

OOOOH.. :) So the very last birth control pill was officially taken on Tuesday April 14th. Send Baby Dust our way.... here we go. We've done some research and if the eggs are dropping May 2nd and May 3rd would be our first day to "make it happen". We're just having fun with all the guessing thought. We're in not particular rush. But send lots of baby dust anyway.

Disney COUNT DOWN: 15 days

Monday, April 13, 2009


Easter is over! Joe and I colored eggs before our guests arrived from Maine on afternoon. We had a fantastic time. We ended up with 18 family/friends here. It was so nice. A lot of work. A lot of food. But.... A lot of fun. Yes, I wore the ears! And they are tucked into our Easter decoration bin for next year too.

My wisdom teeth are coming out on Wednesday. I am not looking forward to that. At ALL. Joe isn't either(I bet). It has to be done. The doctors recommended it before pregnancy because you can't get them out when you are pregnant. So out they are coming. I'm not thrilled- I really hope the recovery is better then everyone says. I did get pudding, ice-cream and apple sauce for the first few days after. I am hoping(the good part) this works as some sort of diet plan. I could lose a few pounds.

That's about it on our agenda.

What we are looking forward to:
BBT - Before Baby Trip! To Disney - Count down: 18 days - Wooohoo!
Joe's Bday Champagne Brunch
Trip to Japan

That's all for now.
Samantha (and Joe)

Monday, April 6, 2009

April and beyond!!!!!

:) Things are moving along at the LaCouture household.

Lots of appointments and such lately to get ready for this baby we're going to try to have. Whew! Wisdom teeth are finally coming out on April 15th. I'm not thrilled. Poor Joe. Anyway- it will be done, and that will be a good thing.

And no... not pregnant yet. Teeth first.

And our first holiday at the house is rapidly approaching- we are psyched! We have 15 coming to celebrate Easter with us. The menu looks pretty yummy. We're starting with Onion and Orange Salad and a Tossed Salad. Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Corn and Green Bean Casserole for "dinner" and then Apple Pie for dessert(home made by my Momma!). Yum. Oh and I may try a pineapple casserole from Robin's recipe collction. Anyway- We can't wait to celebrate with our families and friends. We have people coming from all over! I was wrapping presents and decorating last weekend and I just got a shake of the head and eye roll from Joe. I tried to explain to him the Easter Bunny comes for everyone. He doesn't understand. Then he tries to tell me that you only decorate the house when you have kids. What!!!!!?!?! ( I say ). Then we agree to not understand each other and go on with our day. It's easier that way!

Oh- We have a freezer! We are so excited. We cleaned out our utility room and made it a pantry. I've wanted one forever. All my "extra" food buying goes out there now. And we're having our meat delivered from Family First. We're psyched. It comes 5 months at a time. We think it will be great for money saving- mostly budgeting! The quality is really what sold us though. Joe also cleaned out the garage this past weekend. He's happy about that. It looks great.

Oh- and we have decided that we will be taking Dee (Joe's sister) out to Japan in September. She'll be doing a year abroad over there next year. We're pretty excited for her!

We're having a champagne brunch at the house because old man river LaCouture is turning 28 in May. I'm pretty excited to have snuck that one by him- he hates when I have parties for him. *eye roll*

What we are looking forward to:
Hosting our first Easter dinner for our family and friends here in CT! Whew!
BBT - Before Baby Trip! To Disney - Count down: 25 days - Wooohoo!
Joe's Bday Champagne Brunch
Trip to Japan

That's all for now.
Samantha (and Joe)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

(sing with me) M-I-C-K-E-Y.... M-O-U-S-E...

Our Disney trip is rapidly approaching. We leave May 2nd! We are so excited! We're staying at Port Orleans in DISNEY. And we have booked dinner/wine pairings at Victoria and Alberts which I always wanted to do-but never had the chance to. We figure we'll never get an opportunity to do it again-so we went for it this trip! Dinner jacket is required there so I finally got Joe to agree to take his dress uniform.

A little about the famous V and A:

Victoria & Albert's restaurant in Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa fashions a unique menu each night of exceptional, contemporary American cuisine served with unparalleled charm and elegance.

An 8-year recipient of the prestigious AAA Five Diamond award, this Signature Dining restaurant serves fine cuisine with wine pairings from an award-winning cellar. The renowned, 6-course prix fixe menu is prepared artfully each day with ingredients culled fresh from the world market.

Amongst gentle harp strains and the sparkle of imported crystal in a Victorian dining room, sit in the midst of romantic splendor in this establishment celebrated the world over for its exquisite culinary creations and transcendent atmosphere.

Butler service, personalized menus and a long-stem rose for each lady are just a few of the touches that make Victoria & Albert's restaurant an opulent, palate-pampering experience.

Victoria & Albert's restaurant offers an intimate 2-hour to 2.5-hour dining experience in an adult- oriented atmosphere

Our lunch and dinner reservations are all set for the week- Including a special dinner show that I love called the Hoop-De-Doo Review! I started our packing lists and itinerary. It got me even more excited.

The only crappy thing is that Space Mountain will be closed while we are there. Two thumbs down.

Ah.... :) excited to put on the Mickey Ears!