Monday, August 18, 2008

Are you ready?

Hi Monkey. You ready to stop being mad yet? Because, I'm ready- and it feels so much better not being mad.

LOL. How do you say NO to that? My husband is in port. Whew! He called. Whew! Our email fight is over. Whew!

We finished making our life decision. I finally said... I don't know how tired you are. I don't know what it's like to have 4 deployments in a row. You have to tell me. Money is just Money. We can make more of it. His response: (a very quiet) I'm tired babe. All along- he just wanted it to be OK. Financially- obviously with our re-enlistment bonus- being in a tax free zone would have been best-which would mean going to a boat and deploying. But like I said to him- (and I meant it) - His sanity...our life..and our family is more important then any sum of money. My response: OK, then you're coming home. There was no further conversation about it...but I could tell he was relieved. And I'm actually ( although I may never admit this out loud ) relieved too. To have the decision made. And to have him come home- as deployment was continuing... I was thinking... maybe I shouldn't have told him he could go to a boat...maybe it's time for family time now. In the end- His career is most important- so we could have gone to a boat...BUT...secretly... I'm glad we're not.

So home for shore duty it is. PMT to be exact. Which means we won't lose sea pay-since he'll be going on short underways during the three years. We report in April. He should leave there being VERY knowledgeable about fixing things ( more then he is now ). Hopefully get some more schools under his belt. Maybe finish his BA. And... Oh..yeah: get me pregnant (knock me up didn't have the same ring to it). We should have a busy three years!

I'm a very sensitive but VERY cold person. I get angry way before I cry. But...I have been crying a lot lately. It's been odd. So after a blissful hour of discussion- He tells me it's time for him to go because he has to share the phone he is using. I start crying and say I don't want to share. Joe chuckled. Little does he know...I was serious. *sigh*

Feeling much much much better!

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Miss Hope said...

I am so glad you guys are on the same page! I can see the relief in your post. Hang in's only going to get better.