Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Joe had to write this for his charge book:

Ten reasons why I will be a GREAT Chief Petty Officer
1. I will receive great training
2. Have the support of the Chiefs Quarters
3. Unwilling to compromise my core beliefs or values
4. I want to pass down the lessons I have learned the hard way
5. To try and make a difference in my peoples lives
6. My desire to learn how to make the job better
7. Constant willingness to learn more
8. Sense of humor
9. I think leadership is best done from the front
10. My great singing voice

Here are mine:

Ten reasons why my husband will make an AMAZING Chief Petty Officer

1. My husband will be a great mentor and role model to his sailors.
2. He understands that he is now the "go-to" guy for worried parents, spouses and children. He is in trust of their loved ones while deployed, at war and in everyday tasking. He will be accountable to them. He will be dedicated to them.
3. He will be dedicated to the sailors excellence. He will do anything to help them attain their goals.
4. He will always do the right thing. Not the popular thing. Thr right thing.
5. He understands the special responsibility to his comrades. He will check in with them both emotionally and physically. He will know how to empower them and strengthen them.
6. He is a fantastic leader - He leads by example. He will never ask a sailor to do something he hasn't done or wouldn't be willing to do.
7. He is a good teacher. Steady. Knowledgeable. Patient.
8. He is a family man. He was a single man for a long time first. He has experience with supporting both lifestyles. This gives him diversity and knowledge to be understanding and helpful to his team.
9. He loves what he does. He is proud to be part of the US Navy. He will inspire his team to feel the same way. He will show them why a positive attitude makes everything much more manageable.
10. He never settles. He always shoots higher. He will want to be the best and most knowledgeable at his job. He will continue to learn and better himself.



Miss Hope said...

For one of mine for my hubby, I put:

The Man will make a great Chief because he always has all the newest movies while underway and doesn't mind sharing.

Mary said...

I think the singing voice will definitely make him a great chief!