Thursday, June 24, 2010

...where time has gone..

Where time has gone...I have no idea. :)

I need to start posting... But I have this wonderful tiny monkey that takes up my spare time. Today, I got on the actual internet(I use my phone for it) and am enjoying catching up with everyones blogs, posts and emails!

Joe and I are enjoying adjusting to our new roles as parents while still enjoying our role as partners. Easier to say then do! But, we're finally in a place where we feel like we have accomplished the right balance. We really have so many friends and family members to thank!

Things we've done since Savannah's birthday on 3/28:

-Bought a brand new Chevrolet Equinox - LOVE IT
-Celebrated Mother's Day
-Celebrated Father's Day
-Drove straight(There and Back) to IL to visit family!
-Had a huge party to welcome Savannah(and celebrate her 7 week bday)
....and I am sure I am missing a bunch of things....

Anyway... I promise to post pictures soon! She's wonderful and beautiful...and well, I'll post soon!

Samantha(The little monkey in the family)