Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chatting.... YAY

It's not like our hours on skype- but I'll take the 1 hour chat I got today. It was so nice to hear him joke around with me. I told him I was having TACO night at the house tonight ( Can't wait to see everyone! )- and he asked me if I was ordering from TACO Bell. I'm not known to be the best cook- ha/ha - Anyway, it was so funny... to hear him be funny.

Things are going better for him. He's having fun getting involved with all of the chief selectee's in Bahrain.

We talked about just about everything from moldy rugs to an upcoming trip I may take to visit him. Our final decision- I'm 99% going. This is a once in a life time opportunity to see him get off the sub as a chief for the first time during a port visit during deployment. It should be only the first or second time since he will have gotten pinned that he will be in chief attire off the sub. It's very exciting- and is only money right?

Oh- and having babies. We talked about that! My husband has a way with words...when I asked when he thought we should start having kids(now that we know he will be on shore duty next year) He said, " Well we should be popping out a kid soon". Well that's romantic Joe! LOL - Actually he claims he's going to fall more in love with me when I have my cute pregnant belly. We talked about trying during the port visit- but he wants to witness every minute of my growing belly- How cute is that?!

Ahh..Life feels good today!


Sam said...

Saw your post about trying...congrats when the time comes!

Sounds like you host a lot of great events, lucky ladies.

And lucky you and hubs for getting such a nice long chat!

Allison said...

Thanks! I'm excited for future Baby LaCouture!!