Friday, August 8, 2008



Email from Joe about where we go from here...

PMT billet opens Apr 09. He needs to submit a 1306/7 for a Mar 09 xfr and I
will have the detailer pencil him in. Subschool billets are an option, but
from my perspective PMT keeps him involved on the waterfront (which is
better for him). So shore duty in Groton is not a problem.

That is what they said to me in an email about billets. I already talked to the COB and the guy who talks to detailers here. COB talked to me about going to another boat and I told him I would have to talk to you about it. It's more career enchancingand it would put me in a position to re-enlist tax free. It also would BE a short sea tour only about 24 months or so. I wanted to know what you think we should do. It would be be me being gone for longer since any boat I go to will be deploying soon if I had to guess. I am tired though so I am not sure that would be the best thing. Not to mention it would mean putting our lives on hold for another two years or so and that's not a choice I am willing to make without talking to you. Not sure with the houses and thoughts to have kids soon... It maybe makes more sense to go to sea and set us up better financially. I want to come home and be with you Monkey but it may be better for our family not to do that just yet. But man does that suck. Some thing to think about.

Did I mention *sigh* There goes my plans for shore duty...

Basically I told him I would support whatever he wants to do.
It's so frustrating making life decisions on email.

It's very overwhelming.
I'm exhausted.

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Miss Hope said...

DUDE...just put two and two together. Didn't realize you were SWC, too!!! Now I'm laughing!

aka daisygurl...which i'm sure you've figured out. i'm sooo slow.