Sunday, August 31, 2008

Roof Update

With help from our good friend/neighbor Pete and my Dad(who drove an hour early Sat morning to make sure everything was OK) - I felt much better going to work.

It leaked into the bucket all day. The plaster actually got so damp/wet- it started peeling from my ceiling. The crack goes across one whole side of the ceiling and is starting to form an L shape at the moment.

The roofer who was on vacation in NH finally got our messages and called us back. He's going to be back by on Monday to straighten everything out.

Initially- I felt very ALONE. But after thinking about it- It's true Joe isn't here- but Pete came right over to help me sweep the water off the roofs. He also took pictures ( that hopefully we won't need ). My dad raced over here to make sure ( as my mom put it )his little girl's roof didn't cave in.

I'm okay. It's just a roof. No one got hurt.
My husband and I are healthy, happily married and this is just a small bump in the road.... in my road. It will pass.

Oh and Stephanie is home- Yipppeee. She's not allowed to go on any more family vacations when the boys are deployed! I missed her too much. Welcome Back Stephanie!

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Stephanie said...

Haha I missed you too! I promise no more vacations...and I'll be here if your roof falls in. I'll come over with my hardhat and a shovel...and some beer :)

Next vacation is our vacation to see our loves :)