Monday, November 5, 2007

November... already?

Well... Can you believe it- November already.

Joe and I spent the weekend in Maine ( Joe can blog about that later... when he figures out how to post the pictures of the AWESOME Jack-O-Lanterns we carved on Halloween night ). Oh- and guess what.... WE GOT TRICK OR TREATERS - I was sooooo excited. Joe feigned excitement for my benefit every time the door bell rang- he gets extra bonus points for that.

I made a big pot of chili last night- which came out quite good. We watched the transformers movie ( correction: Joe watched the transformer movie while Samantha slept on the couch ). We're waiting for wood that we ordered(already seasoned) to get delivered early this week. I can't wait to come home to regular fires in the evenings. Joe is really great about getting the house extra toasty by the time I get home. He usually even has cider or tea brewing. I am a lucky girl. I should also take this opportunity to mention how great the coffee he brews in the morning is. When he was gone, I didn't have coffee once- I didn't want to compete.

Well...time to sign off.....Joe should update soon