Monday, May 18, 2009

Grey's Finale

Powerful words:

Did you say it? I Love You.. I don't ever want to live without you! You changed my life. Did you say it? Make a plan...Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then look around...Drink it in.. Cause this is it..........It might all be gone tommorrow....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The end of the yard sale.

It was so much work the 6 month old needed a beer!

Monday, May 11, 2009

More on Disney

We did finally ride Aerosmith(MGM) on our last evening before we had to go(sniff,sniff). This is the picture of us in front of it.

It was FANTASTIC. We really had a blast. The perfect trip before kiddos. And we can't wait to go back with our own.

What's next for us? A new patio(with help from our friends/family), Lots of riding, Lots of baby making(we hope!) and our really exciting trip to Japan together. We're going to be getting Joe's little sister Dee settled for her year abroad there and enjoy some time together. We're super psyched about all of the above!

Oh and make sure to play our video game we made in Epcot! It's great:

Love, Joe and Sam

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We have been very busy these last few days, we did Epcot and had our big dinner at Victoria and Alberts, both of which were a blast. The food was amazing and Sam loved the fact that I had the Beauty and the beast theme song played on the Harp for her.

We also did some very fun hands on activitys at Epcot, I must say that I was very proud of Sam for riding the hard version of Mission Space, even though she doesn't like the spinning and the G forces she did very well and did not puke at the end. She was very close though. Another neat thing we did was see how much trash we make and what we can do with it. I mean it was sponsored by a trash hauling company but it was intresting to see.

We just got back from Blizzard Beach, not a lot of pictures for that one since it is a water park, we managed to get there early and finished all of he rides by 1:30. We came back to the hotel for lunch and a shower and now its off to high tea. I will be very sad to leave tommrow... but I know that we will be back, hopefully the next time we are here will be with a little one!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

First full day in Disney

Well today was our first full day and it was a blast, we got to the park before it opened and got to see everything they did, we went to Magical Kingdom today and hit some really great rides, turns out that Swine Flu, and a crappy economy make for short lines! We were the first ones on the Haunted Mansion ride, and the 5 mins it took for us to get on Splash Mountain was the time it took to walk in, and we got to sit in the front, made a great over priced picture for us to buy at the end! We also did some classics like the Tea Cups,

and some character pictures, those were the longest time we spent in line waiting for that, also we did some of the new rides, Stitch's Prison Escape was a new and very fun ride, Buzz Lightyears Adventure was fun, and we got to end the day in Hollywood studios with a 10 min wait to get on Tower of Terror which was again a great thing. We finished the night with the outdoor show Fantasmic! Sam got to get her light up toy there and I have no doubt that it will make the rounds of the park with us tomorrow. We had dinner tonight in the Prime Time Cafe, our waitress Megan was great!!!! Very funny and was like sitting in a 50's family home. I said that I would be wanting refills on my drink, she said she would bring me a pitcher, I thought she was kidding.
Turns out she was Not Kidding!!!!

Sam with her light up toy

Of all the things she was excited about this is the one I heard the most about!

In line for its a small world

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Disney Day One

We are on our first day in Disney, and we made it! I did not set her on fire(She sometimes gets over whelmed with things and can become difficult to deal with), though there were many times that the idea crossed my mind. Staying in the park is the way to go!! Very easy, no baggage claim, no taxi, just get in line and get to our hotel. We went to Down Town Disney and ate at the rain forest cafe, walked around some and checked out the Lego store. Also we tried on the silly hats. Now to bed to get ready for our first full day tomorrow