Saturday, August 16, 2008

Continued frustration - with a small light!

Frustration continues.

-Ran out of gas on my way home ( because I took 95 N to RI on accident and didn't know until I got there ) after working 10am-9pm. Thank you Stephanie for saving me!
-Still trying to find a licensed roofer to come look at the roof.
-Yard Sale was successful(thankfully no rain)-but my house is now trashed.
-Still in a delayed email "face off" with Joey. Turns out he never got my not so great e-mails but did get the one where I tried to be nicer and explain myself- Which left him confused, cold and somewhat angry.


So- he left me all these cards. They have labels. The only one I have opened is the one that said " open after the sub pulls away". Otherwise- Deployment time has flown by- and I haven't "needed" any cards. I picked... " Open this when you feel like I don't care enough".

It was perfect. 100% what I needed/wanted to hear. Two short paragraphs put my mind at ease. I should have opened it days ago. I'm at work now- but I'll post the exact words later.

Feeling better- but still stressed

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Amaze-a-zing Anna said...

Hey thanks for backpack offer. But-- this one is a men's backpack, to be large enough for me-- you and I don't quite have the same torso length. :)

Btw, that sucks about the email fight. Josh and I got ours sorted out this week and he has been SO sweet and wonderful ever since... so... hang in there...!!