Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wonderful Morning

I...*drum roll please* woke up to an e-mail this morning. I really feel so lucky. It was #4- which is odd because I never received #3 from him. We really should have had an in depth conversation about this numbering thing. I'm wondering if he got my #3- and then thought he should write #4- or if it's normal to get e-mails out of order. E-mail is so unreliable to the boat.... Anyway... I wanted to share a small portion of his e-mail:

The cards are great I get to read them when I gt up and share the facts of the day with other people. As for the cubes they have caused quite a stir, thats really cool that those people saw the blog I wonder if they would be willing to send those and other toys to use here on the boat, it would be great for guys to have something to play with.

So... if those cube inventors(or any other toy/book people) are out there- I'd be happy to help facilitate any donations made to Joe's ship- there are 120 of them... in need of toys. I'm sure Joe's four cubes... are the envy!

I thought I would share this part too....since it's so Joe- and soooo all the guys on his boat:

Other then that not much... the guys are teasing me about what the words are to the canadian national anthem, thats a joke that I am canadian, not french, I had to tell them I know the words to the french national athem though, then I gave them the finger.

Anyway...I'm up early to study more for this I should get to it. Let me know if you hear from my favorite sailor.
Much Love!


Anonymous said...

Yay, more email!

Keep in mind though...throughout his time in the navy there are going to be many many emails that he sends and you don't receive, and vice versa. If you were both clear on each numbering your messages 1-whatever, he most likely did and you just didn't get them. I try to think of email as a "bonus." :)

In any's awesome that you got another...and not just a one liner! That's great that you're trying to work up something to get the guys sent some "toys" while sweet of you!

Robin said...

So glad you got another email and glad everyone seems to be doing well so far. **Hi Joe**

Tony & Judie said...

Hi Sam - unfortunately (as we are only the inventors) we do not have any personal stock of Cube World, but we do have some samples. We would really like 'gift' Joe a complete set of Series 2 & 3 'Special Edition' (transparent casing). If you can contact us through our website ( and let us know where to send them, we will UPS them out to you. Very Best Regards, Tony & Judie Ellis