Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I got an e-mail - yayayayayay

Hello everyone!

I was up early this morning practicing my new presentation for my certification in Ohio this weekend- I thought I would check my e-mail. In my mind... since 11:00 last night... he could have written.....and.... I was right! He did. One line....(which I'll be happy to share with you - since it's neither personal or detailed... ) :

Just wanted to say hi and that I love you and cant wait to come home.

I think he may have forgotten that we were going to number the titles- to see if we're getting all the emails we are sending to each other.... there goes that idea!

Anyway- I was so excited... and a whole bunch of other emotions- I had to post.
Let me know if you hear from my favorite sailor!

God Bless


Anonymous said...

Emails are the best! Even if it is a one liner. Andy's emails and letters always start with..."The guys say we're going to be sending mail/email so I thought I'd drop you a line...." , meaning he never writes them in advance! ha ha!

C said...

Sam, That's about how my DH's emails start most of the time as well. (Nice to know he thinks of these things in advance. Ha!)

Glad you got email!