Monday, October 22, 2007

Red Sox! Red Sox! Red Sox!

Let’s go Red Sox… Let’s go Red Sox !!! After digging out of a 3-0 hole against the Yankees in the '04 ALCS, the Red Sox needed three straight wins to advance this time. The Rockies, who have won 10 in a row and 21 of 22, will come back from a record eight days off. It was worth staying up to watch the Red Sox as they poured out of the dugout for their first playoff winning a little bit tonight to celebrate. Having rallied from a 3-1 deficit against Cleveland, the Red Sox now play the Colorado Rockies starting the World Series on Wednesday night in Boston.

I sent a play by play of the game to the boat for Joe- I hope he gets the “news” first and gets to spread the highlights to everyone! He mentioned in an email that they had some “water” problems earlier in the trip- No showers for 3-4 days- Imagine how smelly that sub was! He indicated that this problem has since been fixed. Seems like he is in good spirits and able to get some sleep here and there. He’s enjoying the brainteasers that I sent him with and recently started on a wood cube that took him 1.5 hours to complete on his first try. I bought all of the brainteasers from a website called . That website is full of great brainteasers for Joe- all perfect for passing time on a sub.

Looking forward to having a home cooked meal at Pete and Sue’s house later this week. They are our wonderful neighbors in Connecticut- I have gone through a case of ramen noodles during this underway. Not for lack of cooking skills (although I lack them…) but more for lack of time. I have been so busy working, dealing with the two houses, emailing…etc etc etc. There are plenty of people who would feed me – My parents, Robin & Greg, Lizzie…. Anyway- I saved some grocery money- and lost a few pounds, so I’m happy but totally looking forward to Wednesday night.

So…Let’s go Red Sox….
xoxoxo -Samantha


Alli said...

ewww watching that game made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. GRRRRRR!!! Tell Manny Ramirez to shave his head!


Robin said...

GO SOX! We were up late watching the game too - and the after celebration. Papelbon is a kickass dancer lol ;-)