Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Here.....we..... go!

We thought we would keep a blog of our crazy military ‘sub’ life for our families and close friends. It’s going to be my journal (of sorts) for Joe when he’s away- and his special retreat to family and friends when he’s in port or at home-He is always looking for a little piece of home. Leave your comments, thoughts, well wishes for him to read when he comes back! Please don’t ask me about specific dates for departures/arrivals. I usually don’t know- and when I do, I can’t tell you. Joe is in the “secret service”- SUBMARINES (let me take a quick moment to tell you how proud I am of him- he makes so many sacrifices so that all of us can have our freedom) and we put his life and the other amazing men on his sub in danger even when we may just be speculating. Please keep the name of his sub and any movement dates off this blog. You’ll see a lot of vague blogs concerning dates/places… please understand! Ok- the disclaimer portion of this blog is over…read on!

So…he’s underway- I’m in full “keep myself busy” mode. He got a few new toys before he left at Target. His new favorite- “Cube World”. You can check them out at: http://www.radicagames.com/cubeworld/index.php Cube World is a complex community of digital people who live in boxes. They each have their own behavior set. The boxes they live in have magnetic contacts on four sides (conduits) so that they might connect with other Cube World stick people. When connected they interact with one another in amazing ways- they visit each other in the other cubes, they fight, they talk, they play! He has series 1: Slim, Dodger, Scoop and Whip. They have been a huge hit on the boat- and I think they will provide him with hours of amusement. I was a little skeptical at first, but even I found them pretty hilarious. I might have to pick up Series 2 & 3 for his stocking for Christmas. They are working on Series 4 & 5 right now. He got a new blanket and all his toiletries -$180 later at Wal*Mart! I should mention that the $180 included my requested Halloween lights for the “scary bushes” in the front yard. It’s very festive. It took some convincing and whining…but we have them on six bushes. We had gotten a banner pole a few months back and we finally got that up- and I have the cutest ghost banner up too. I hope I get some kids, but I guess historically we don’t. BOOOOO!

So- No emails yet- and I’m checking obsessively-I know every time- I’ll be sad because there won’t be anything…but I continue to do it anyway. Sometimes I feel jealous of the people who get several reliable e-mails and phone calls a week from their significant others that are “away”(deployed). I have to remember (I was reminded of this recently from a close friend) – He’d most likely be gone longer and in a situation where he could be shot at on a recurring basis. And as my friend also pointed out- it could be worse - THERE WERE times (before email) when significant others would only get a letter every few months.

Check out this link for a little insight in military families day to day worries(get the tissues out)- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ervaMPt4Ha0&mode=related&search=

God Bless and Safe travels to all of them!
Love Samantha


Anonymous said...

Hi Samantha - we were very touched by your blog. We are the actual inventors of 'Cube World' (see www.conceptioneering.co.uk), and appreciated your positive words on our product. We sincerely hope that Joe gets home safely, and we so appreciate what these brave people are doing. Best Wishes - Tony & Judie Ellis (UK)

Robin said...

Good luck to Joe and everyone else with him! I hope he returns home quickly and safely. I'm glad you are keeping yourself busy so far. Take a picture of your "scary bushes" - I keep forgetting to got to Wal-Mart and get my own set. I have to live vicariously through you :-)

Lisa said...

Hi there! The blog looks really good! I'm jealous of your scary lighted bushes - we don't have any that are big enough for lights. I'll send the blog address to the rest of the family. Keep your chin up - call if you need anything. The Cube World looks like something Joe would like! Love and hugs to both of you! Lisa(Mom)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam, I love the blog its a great idea!! only us military wives really knows what another military wife is going through!! but anyway i'm so happy that you have found someone!!!

Alli in Jersey said...

those cubes look so cute! i want them! your blog is cute too... i like the picture collage thingy at the top... very creative!