Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sam wasn't mad.....

I was shocked. I was trying to kill time( getting gas, driving by etc... ) waiting for him to get home first. He even left a box outside, so I thought he wasn't there... I go walking in the house(the house that has no gnomes or Elvis pictures) tie my "Welcome Home" balloon to the chair and start to turn around when I hear... " Hey baby.."Pure joy swept my body. My arms were around him in a flash. And for the first time in over a month- I relaxed.

Joe was craving a big greasy burger-so we headed to Ruby Tuesdays..then stopped at Best Buy to get the transformers movie that Joe wanted and then back home. We were in bed and sleeping by 9:00pm. I had to drag my butt to work this morning ( 1:20 drive there, 1:20 drive back - add that to an 8 hour day..... We're talking almost 11 hours ) - While Joe stayed home. Not fun. Not fun. Not fun. He did get up and make breakfast and lunch while I got ready. This afforded us extra snuggle time early in the morning. Good deal for all parties involved. I called around noon to hear a very sleepy Joe voice say hello. Joe NEVER never never NEVER sleeps past 7:00AM- I know he was dead tired to be sleeping until noon. I found the sleeping thing a little amusing since earlier this morning he had big plans for all these things ( get fire wood, cash in the change jar on base, ATM stop,...etc) he was going to do- to which I replied...just relax. I guess he decided to listen. I'm glad.

...So he's home. He's home. He's home. I'm excited. He's excited. We're very excited. Did I mention that I'm excited? What's next for us? Carving pumpkins tonight, A much needed trip to Maine this weekend to visit the family and then we're hoping to make it to the Toys for Tots charity "run" (motorcycle run) on Sunday with Pete & Sue- and some of our other biker buds. It will be our last time on the bike for a long time- Joe will be deployed(my least favorite word) next summer.

Oh... Happy Halloween. As you might be able to tell- mine is very very very Happy.

Love Samantha

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Anonymous said...

Yay....glad he's home! I think there's lots of guys out there who, within mere moments of debarking, want to go for some kind of restaurant food! (we always ended up at Ops in KB)

Way to roll with all the unexpectedness Sam, you'll be a pro at this stuff!