Friday, October 19, 2007

Kisses flying everywhere!

………*Drum roll* please- After over a week without e-mail….. I got e-mail! A bunch of them! YAY- I’m was so excited. I was a little sad because one of them said he hadn’t gotten e-mail in a few days. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I’ve written every day (sometimes more then once a day). Doesn’t he assume that I’m writing e-mail and they just aren’t getting to the boat in an orderly timely fashion?!?? Have a little faith in me- Joe. Geesh! His saving grace was that one of the emails was EXTREMELY cute. See- we have all these types of kisses. And you can *gasp* send them over the phone, on email, across a room etc(you get the picture). He sent me an entire email full of all kinds of kisses.

You should have seen them flying around the house this morning! I’ll be smiling all week trying to catch them all. Oh- and he reminded me… I have to watch out…. There are nibble kisses (they can be scary) hidden in all the other kisses.

This might sound REALLY stupid to most of you – and that’s okay…because we think it’s hilarious. And all of you non-believers…watch out… we’ll fill your house with them!


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Robin said...

Woohoo for email!