Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Home sweet home

I'm back. Tampa was an interesting trip. I got in at midnight last night to go get my rental car- where I learned a VERY important lesson. You can not rent a car with an expired license. I just had my birthday and didn't notice it was expired. I found a shuttle to the hotel(thankfully) and then spent most of the next hour calling every cab place in Tampa to find the best deal to the school and then to the airport in the morning. *sigh* Only me.

Anyway- Presentation went well. The kids enjoyed it. All 450 of them-rowdy group... but they were listening to people speak for over four hours. I was the last speaker. BEFORE lunch. Enough said. I do love my job though. What a difference we are making!

I'm exhausted. Traveling makes you so tired. On the plane, off the plane... on the plane off the plane.. and you're at the MERCY of the layover plane being on time. Long few days. I have to get some laundry going and heat up something for dinner.... and get to bed- Gotta get up for work tomorrow!

I miss Joey. A lot. *double sigh*



Clog In A2 said...

Sounds like a crazy trip! Glad to hear you're positive about it though!

Anonymous said...

Whoops...that other comment was from me. I forgot to sign out of the account I use for teaching clogging...SORRY!