Wednesday, October 10, 2007

He remembered to number!

I am so very blessed today! I got my second e-mail-and it was much longer then the first. He did want me to share this part with everyone:

Tell everyone I said hello.

Man of many many many words! The funny thing is... (wait let me back up a minute..) I sent Joe off with note cards ( That I found on sale- of course the sale part doesn't matter because I went to every Hallmark in RI and then the website and I am the proud owner of over 700 of these note cards in all different colors-but they are PERFECT ) :;88564;115052;159568%7C%7CP1R2SO%7Cproducts
Anyway- I sent him off with those- enough for as many days as he will be away. I themed this bunch.. "Facts of the day". On one side- I wrote two or three very silly uneducational(in most cases) facts- On the other side I would write about them... and add in any other additional thoughts and sign I started doing these more then a month ago(I've even started the next batch-"Joke of the Day") OK.. so back to the funny thing...his e-mail was about a fact that he read... and I have NO IDEA what he is talking about. He's going on and on about how he loves that there are two sinks in the master bedroom..... Silly. I was kind enough not to reply...." What are you talking about?? "

Special shout out to Alicia- for keeping me sane mid-day today. I was very confused about these confirmation e-mails I was getting from his boat- But she sorted me all out. Her husband Drew is on a different sub then Joe- and I wish him(and his sub) a safe return back home.

Much Love to everyone!

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