Monday, October 15, 2007

My turn to be home alone!

Now I am home alone! What a bummer this weekend was – bad,bad,bad timing! As Joe mentioned- I appreciate all of the love and support! A special shout out to Liz who kept me extra calm while I was in the airport, you all have to realize- that was a complete adult moment for me. The little kid in me wanted to turn around and leave Logan (Boston) airport and head back home to Joe- but the “big kid” in me knew I had made a commitment to my job and had to go on the business trip. Oh and I felt really bad- because the three things (the only things) I like about Joe being away is that :

1. I can save money on groceries- I get all of his favorite food including a lot of “fresh” things that tend to be expensive when he’s home.
2. I don’t have to make the bed! Why make it when you are going to get back into it is my opinion. Joey likes the bed made when he gets home- and since I usually leave after him and he gets home before me… I take the extra five minutes to make the bed when he’s home.
3. I do the laundry. When Joe’s home- I bring it upstairs and put it away- When Joe’s not home… I leave it on the breakfast nook table and get dressed in the morning down there. (This may not work in the winter- but it was bringing me great joy so far)

So… You can imagine that after I got over the part about me not being home when he’s home- I realized… the poor thing was going home to laundry on the breakfast nook table( A lot of it ), an unmade bed and NO groceries! What kind of woman was I? So then I cried on the phone about that… “I’m such a bad… ” – You get the picture. What an emotional few hours that was! I don’t know what got into me- I just couldn’t stop myself

In other news- I DID CERTIFY! My first presentation with this program which is called “Making your money count” (There are a lot of programs that you can certify on to present with this company) is on Wednesday in Florida. This program is for Juniors and Seniors in High School. I leave on Tuesday evening. The training group I was with was pretty amazing- they really cheered me up! We were such a small group the training/feedback/coaching portion of the training was top notch since we got so much individual attention. It’s always great to be with an amazing group of speakers- and I was blessed all weekend with that!

I did come home to homemade “Joe videos” on the computer, which made me cry (Thanks Joe). I’m really excited though because I was calling his cell phone to listen to his voice this previous trip- and now I don’t have to! In addition to hearing his voice- I get to see him too! Oh- and the robe (my jamma gram from Joe last week) is so comfortable- I used it all weekend- always a lot of late nights and early mornings on training weekends….

Well….. That’s all for now…. With my luck.. Joe will be home for a few hours on Tuesday night… When I am in the airport again…


Lisa said...

Congratulations on qualifying! I'm glad you got some support this weekend from the other people who were there. Enjoy Florida! Let me know if you need anything. Love, Lisa

blunoz said...

Samantha, Thanks for your happy anniversary wishes! I've enjoyed reading your blog - my wife and I have been through many similar stories.
The best "surprise" return to port for us was the time I went out to sea for a month and something broke and we unexpectedly pulled into port on my wife (then girlfriend's) birthday. That was AWESOME being able to surprise her on her birthday!
What are these "cube" things you have referred to?
Hang in there!

Pong Wife said...

I can distinctly remember my first break down as a JO's wife in regards to sub schedule changes (9 years ago). I remember sitting in the kitchen crying, I was so frustrated! Keep seeing the humor in your situation and you will have a wonderful adventure! :-)

Robin said...

Congrats on certifying this weekend!!! Love ya!