Saturday, October 20, 2007


Hello Weekend!

I spent last night at Alicia’s house on base. We had an enjoyable evening watching movies. She even cooked-which was lovely because my belly is complaining about Joe’s absence more then anyone. I normally get home after Joe to wonderful dinner smells wafting through the house. I start making lunches and set the table while he finishes dinner. He is known to make mashed potatoes (my favorite) more then once a week. I am a lucky gal. I’ve been eating a whole lot of ramen lately. Saving some money and it’s easy- I’m so strapped for time! I even traded my ramen noodle lunch for Marilia’s salad at work on Friday. What a deal. Everyone is helping me out! A special thank-you to Robin for the (snail mail) card I received yesterday. Those things mean the world to me.

On my way to work today (Dad’s showroom in Smithfield) – I spotted a farm selling pumpkins. I just bought a pumpkin carving set yesterday and was wondering where I would find some nice pumpkins. I thought carving them would be a nice treat! - Now I know! I’m psyched and prepared to make a stop there on my way out of here.

In other news- I’ve been working on finishing up Joe’s curtain (Rat Pack). I really need a sewing machine for Christmas (hint hint Mom). So far it looks really cute- thankfully Joe doesn’t mind that kind of sappy stuff. I found some great patches and cute little sayings to sew on the inside -that only he sees. I am going to put it in his Halloween bucket. I have decided that he may not be here for A LOT of holidays- but the holiday fun will not be ruined for me. So… he will have to open gifts later. I am a big HOLIDAY celebrator (Thanks to my mom!)… so his felt Halloween pumpkin bag is almost filled with all kinds of silly stuff- and this Curtain thingy is the last touch.

Time to run some errands!

Take care!
Thanks for all the love and support


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, miss you both soooo much! Can't wait till Aruba, sun fun and lots of laughs! I miss my baby girl, we always did pumpkins and fall stuff....I send my love and good stuff your way, does it make it to CT?

Alli said...

hehe come to Chester... there are pumpkins everywhere!

Alicia said...

ah hem, Agent 29, I think it is called a "rack pack". I know those beds are tiny enought for a "rat" but I still think Joe might be opposed to people thinking that his living quarters are on the level with a rodent. For anyone who doesn't quite know what we are talking about...

Joe and Samantha said...

Alicia- What would I do with out you?:)


Auntie said...

It was SOOO sad to come home to an empty house last nite after having it filled with so much happy effervescence all weekend! OK, so we mostly shopped, but we did it together and we learned a lot about our niece and her beloved! Thank you Sam and Joe for coming such a long way to spend time with us; it was very special & memorable and we can't wait to come and visit you in CT.