Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sweet Sweet face.....

What is better then Joey's sweet voice?

His face!

We skyped for over two hours at this pub :

I cried, laughed, caught him up with my life, the house.... etc. He asked me ten million questions and enjoyed beer.

I like going to the pub website-so I can feel like I'm there- by listening to the music on the site!

A lot of the guys were there-and I got to wave to them. They had a great game of darts going on. A few of the guys had their computers up with Skype on them.

What great technology. The pub had WIFI for free. We talked for over two hours FOR FREE Internationally.

I feel very blessed.



1 comment:

kkrowan said...

I'm so glad you got to talk to him for so long! Its amazing getting to talk to them.

If you want to make a calendar let me know I will help you lol.