Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Going Away

Well it has been very busy with the wedding reception and everything else, thank you all for the help, it would not have been possible with out more people then I can name. As you can see above Sam got her Going Away, Birthday and Christmas present so you know that means I will be leaving soon. Thank you all for the best wishes and I will be home before you know it, With any luck it will be in a new uniform too! I must say that Sam has made sure that I will be as comfortable as possible in the big sewer tube that is a submarine, she has made me cards for every day and even came to the boat the past few days to help me pack my rack and put some pictures up form home. I know that it will be hard being gone for that long from her but I must say she has done a wonderful job making me feel loved and knowing that there is something great to come home to, what more could a sailor ask for?
Good Bye all and thank you for keeping Sam out of trouble while I am away.


Mary said...

Beautiful ring-Sam's a lucky gal.
Have a safe deployment!

Allison said...

The ring is really pretty! Is it a sapphire? You two are very blessed to have each other : )