Monday, July 28, 2008

New purchase

OK- So this is SO me! I had JUST had to buy it. It goes with my un born childs crib and twin bed submarine pattern that I have already bought. I know I am crazy- but "Daddy" is going to be my kids hero. Because he's mine. The poor kid will have submarine everything. In fact. My cedar closet is full of submarine clothes already. I have sizes 6 months- 4T. In fact I just found really cute submarine pajammies from GAP on ebay that I ordered yesterday.

*shrug* Can't help it. I'm a proud submarine wife.

You can get ONE OF A KIND items for you as well at

:) Samantha the submarine wife. The proud one. The one whos submarine husband has a purse ( see below ).


mommymichael said...

i really like that american flag one, with the black oval and white sub.

Mary said...

This one is really cute!

I have a ton of sub stuff too. I have the PBK submarine bedding sitting in the closet even though I have two girls. I couldn't help it: it's too cute!

Mary said...

We have the full one, not the twin. The sets used to be on ebay all of the time, but they're rarely listed any more.

Robin said...