Sunday, July 27, 2008

Joe's new purse!

A paragraph of Joe's e-mail:

I do have a funny story that only makes sense while in Europe and with a bunch of guys from a submarine, so I bet you never thought that we would ever go purse shopping, let me set the stage for you: we are all out on liberity and we notice that there are lots of men in france wearing a man purse. Now on the outside this seems a little strange to a red blooded hetro american male, but I am not going to knock it until I try Scotty, Byrd, Mark, Tony and I go man purse shopping. We go to small shops, open air venders and the europian version of a mall in search of the perfect man bag. The bag must hold the kindle, cigars, passport, wallet, change (since most of the euro is change not bills it seems) and any other items that we have to carry, and it has to look good and not cost much. Well after much searching and talking about what colors go with whos eyes, we all find one, best of all it's cheap and now I understand why you like your purse so much. It's so handy and you never have anything in your pockets. Best of all for a submariner - when you get to the boat you just put the whole thing away. You never have to go hunting in the foot locker again to find change, and wallet, and cell phone. It's great. So please go get a new purse for yourself... now that I know how nice they are I understand the 300 dollar womans purses, sort of. Can't wait to get home and show it off to you. I will so rock that in the states too.

Had to share. Hilarious.

I don't write back to tell him Coach ( my preferred brand ) has had "man" purses for a long time because I think my husband will want one.



{ Becca } said...

That's hilarious! You're a lucky, lucky gal :)

Mary said...

That is too funny!

Definitely keep the Coach man purses a secret-you can't have him competing for the purse budget!

Robin said...

That was a great Monday morning giggle for me. Go Joe & his man purse. I can't wait to see him "rock" it when he gets home!