Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wonderful Ladies!

Hosted a Navy wife stich and bitch last night. It was a lot of fun. We always have a great time. I also find it to be a great time passer when Joe's away. It's very interesting to "bitch" with each and every one of them. Even though we have one very very LARGE thing in common- we are all so different. It's a great way to get coping skills, recipes, perspective and ... lots of laughs! I really, really, really enjoy having them all over!

Other then that... I just can't believe March is almost over. Where is the time going? I switched our banner outside from Easter to the American Flag. I have a really cute Rain one for May, but nothing before then. I love to switch the banners and wreaths. I think it's my favorite thing about owning a house.

I spoke again yesterday...but lucky for me it was in CT! I love that. I was in Vermont the day before, 8 hours of driving- exhausted! I came home and slept until 11:30, brushed my teeth and slept until 6:45. So.. I ended up being well rested for the two speeches yesterday and my company.

Missing my sailor :) He's such a cutie......

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pat tomawski said...

Hi Samantha
You are such a busy girl! Sorry we got disconected on the telephone the other day. it was great hearing from you and I love this reading !keep it going.
Take Care,
Love Pat..