Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday some time together... sort of

Well as Sam posted before there is no better way to tank a weekend then duty. That being said, on the one day we have together her going to do some bridal planning for a friend doesn't help either. I must say that she is way more helpful than I thought she was going to be when I showed her my list of stuff I wanted to get before I left. She went and got it ALL!!! She's nuts, and she reminded me that she spent less money that I would have, which I will admit is most likely true. So while she's away my plans of doing some shopping are out the window. So I figured hey why not get a few things that we need for some fixer up projects around the house? Which means the dreaded trip to the Home Despot.... Now it took me while to figure it out but that store was created by the devil, there are so many good things you can get there and as soon as you walk out to your car you remember 30 other things you needed to get besides the 10 foot tall inflated Easter bunny that was on sale. So now I am home and I resisted the urge to get the Bunny. It's outside for me to fix the flag that got ripped off the side of the house in the last wind storm. Then I'm going to clean out the fridge, and do some work to the soon to be pantry. Also the smell of the lamb that Sam started slow cooking for dinner tonight is wonderful. Can't wait to try it when she gets home. People not in the navy tell me that they normally have two whole days off on the weekend with their significant other, and to those people I say, stop telling me about it and enjoy it. You never know when you might get shipped out, I guess that doesn't apply to them but hey every moment with the person you love is special, make the most out of them. We wish we had more times to make the most of!

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