Sunday, March 16, 2008


I've been so tired- it's been hard to get on here to blog. I left the house Thursday morning at 3:45AM and I actually got back in the house at 11:30PM. Long Long day in airports, rental cars, schools etc. I was speaking in Penn! My body aches. My throat hurts. I have been so busy this entire week that I haven't even had a chance to be sad that Joe's not here. But then as I make my way off the last plane in Hartford to see people running into the arms of the ones they love knowing that Joe could make everything better right now....made me realize how sad and lonely this life can be. I miss him every day but I hadn't had time to feel gloomy until then. My voice is gone, my body aches and I could have used a nice cup of tea and a shoulder rub. It made me so sad to think that he wouldn't be waiting for me anywhere in the terminal, but worse... he wouldn't even be there when I got home.

Eh, such is this wonderful military life we are part of....

I finally got my tired butt home and put on my Jammie's. I wanted to make sure to log on the computer and send off my nightly email to Joe and whew -surprise!! My silent prayers answered. Not one, but two emails from him. And as I was putting my Jammie's on, I spotted my gleaming pile of cards and gifts from him. I was cheered up instantly. He's so very thoughtful. He is making the biggest sacrifice but.... I can't tell you how how nice is is to know he recognizes mine as well.

Friday was a long day with the girls. Regan was very under the weather. I was exhausted when I got home and ready for bed. Alicia called me and coaxed me out in Mystic with her husband and his friends from his boat. She's such a good friend to me, I had to go. We had a great night and I finally fell into bed around midnight to get up at 7:00AM to get off to RI to work at my moms Salon for the day. Back home last night to meet Becky and BB for a girls night and then up this morning to get ready for the At Home American party I am hosting at the house today!

Whew! When everyone leaves.... big cup of tea.... and a pair of Joe's Jammie's...and I'm good for the night.

Take care!

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