Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter wishes...

.. It's hard to spend holidays apart. That might be my least favorite part of the "being away" thing.... I think about him and worry that he's not sleeping, eating enough... and even sillier things like that he has to use *gasp* powder creamer! Poor baby! I know, I know. I just know he deserved a great Easter weekend and chances are he worked like crazy, hardly slept, hardly ate and had to use powdered creamer in his cup of coffee!

The Easter bunny here is VERY funny. Some how, there were packed Easter presents in the good ole sea bag...but he came and delivered a big Easter Basket here for when Joe comes home. I think he couldn't help himself or something. Lucky for me, The Easter bunny knew I would be in RI at my Mom's house and sent mine there.

Joe did get a chance to tell me that he had fun with the antique cribbage board that the Easter bunny sent on with him. He's going to do some research about it when he gets home. I'm sure we can post a picture or two as well.

Hope you all had a great Easter with friends and family!


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