Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Moving along.....

Life is just moving along.... I can't believe it's mid-March! Oh- and Happy belated St Patty's day to everyone!

I didn't do much to celebrate- Although the Friday before I went out with my good friend Alicia and her husband. We were joined by some of the guys on his boat. We had a really nice time in Mystic. With all the boat talk/stories- I felt like Joe was home! And then when I got home- I opened (early-don't tell Joe) my St. Patty's gift he left behind for me. He got me *drum roll* LEGOS! I can't wait to have a little time to put them together. I'm getting quite the collection from him!

Easter is so early this year! Joe laughed when he spotted wrapped Easter gifts in his sea bag. I said, " Listen...the Navy can't take away the Easter bunny too...". He just shakes his head at me. I'm serious. I can make this navy career work for however long he wants... but he'll have to make room in his sea bag. Secretly- he loves it. In other news, I sent all of our Easter cards out without postage- so I've been slowly getting them back and trying to get them back out! Annoying! Oh, and another secret... He got me peeps for Easter( I just couldn't wait!). Yum. I like them stale though- so I had to open the plastic on them. I can't wait to enjoy them in a few days.

Not much else to currently report. I had a great Navy wife get together this past weekend. We all had a lot of fun. It's great to meet people off my favorite website: http://www.submarinewivesclub.org/. If you're not a member ( and a sub wife, mom or dad ), check it out. Really great group of women(and men)!

More later!

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Robin said...

Psst! I like Peeps a little stale too ;-)