Saturday, March 1, 2008

Duuuuuuty calls.....

What could ruin a weekend more? NOTHING! Well, an upcoming underway....
Which kept me busy today!

Joe's list of things he NEEDS for the underway :
( Joe's list of things he WANTS for the underway(translated by Sam))

Quaker bars ( brown sugar or banana bread )
Crystal Light to GO ( Any of the citrus flavors )
Treasures or Nuggets - 2 bags. (Don't get anything fancy, I have to share them)

This is what I am making for dinner tomorrow: ( story to follow )

Lamb Chops in Apricot Curry

4-6 Lamb Chops - which ever your favorite (the cheapest:-)
¼ cup white wine (or white wine vinegar)
2 tsp crushed garlic (we use garlic out of a jar).
1 tbls curry powder (makes mild curry - add more for hotter)
250ml apricot nectar
½ tsp mixed herbs
Optional Vegetables - If you want a one pot meal put a selection of your favorite vegetables in first. Last time, I used potato and sweet potato (yam - orange flesh) cut into inch size pieces – delicious.

1. Mix the wine, garlic, curry powder and apricot nectar together.
2. Put the meat in the Crock Pot. (Vegetable on bottom if using).
3. Pour in Liquid
4. Put on Lid, turn on and walk away. On low cook for 8-10 hours OR on high 4-5.
5. An hour prior to serving, stir in the herbs.
6. At this stage if the sauce is very runny just mix a tablespoon of corn flour with enough water to make a paste. Stir this into the Crock Pot and turn on high for half an hour.

So I searched the world for Apricot juice- It's not ANYWHERE. I even checked the baby aisles of the stores I hunted in. I finally found apricots in the can. I bought four cans and mushed the apricots and marinated my lamb overnight(it's marinating as I type). I'm going to use the left over juice in the crock pot tomorrow and hope for the best. I'll let Joe tell you how it turns out!

In addition to that- Joe was needing a black backpack so that he can go to the gym in uniform. It's hard to find black backpacks since it's not September(back to school)...but on my hunt, I found one! The same place I got him Adidas Sandals ( The request was shower shoes ). BOB's store. They were having an incredible sale too.

To go along with the Adidas sandals and backpack, I ransacked Wal*mart for energy drinks and cliff bars. I couldn't pick which high protein cliff bar he'd like better- so I got four different kinds for him to try. I'll buy them in bulk on e-bay when he picks. I picked up some Aquafina flavor splash too-since I found an empty bottle when I was cleaning out his backpack. See, when Joe decides to do something, he must doooooo it(have everything to do it and all the fun accessories too!). I love him for it though. You won't find a more passionate guy anywhere on earth(well maybe-but I'm bias!). And since he switches hobbies faster then anyone I know- he knows a lot about several things. You're thinking... jack of all trades, master of none. Now- that's what amazes me. He's pretty darn good at most of the things he tries. I think he enjoys them all-but he has a need for "new" and "exciting" since he's stuck under water so much.

We try to do different things together. We enjoyed taking our Pistol Permit class together last week. We both did well and have to wait for our permits now. The class was very educational and we got to shoot(practice) with a lot of different weapons. It was my first time shooting a gun-but I was happy with my progress. Now we have to start working on our gun collection. We got my first 9mm in Maine already. YAY. I'm on the search for purple ear "muffs" for the range.

Speaking of new and exciting- We are going to take a leather working class together next week- which should be fun. Joe had went down to Tandy Leather and gotten a lot of supplies, but no knowledge/experience. We thought it might be fun to take the class together.

That's all we have to report.
Can't wait until the morning
xoxo Samantha

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