Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Joe's heart

Joe left me this pile of gifts for the current underway. I love the labels. So, I had to share. I hope you can all see his wonderful "guard dog" drawing to make sure I don't open that one before 1/2 way. And I will say- so far, I've been doing well- Only opening things on time-but as time goes by... I want to open them sooner. But then I'm always sad when I have none left. I'm trying to remember that.... So far I've opened new measuring spoons and a peeler. Both are really nice and we really needed both sets. He's so thoughtful. I'm always amazed at how much he listens to me when I don't think he's listening. I am really so very blessed by his love.

I spent yesterday evening at my moms salon in RI. She had a CAbi party. Gosh that stuff is so cute. She treated me to cute shorts and a REALLY cute spring jacket. She of course had a HUGE party and they debuted the new makeup line the salon is carrying.

I'm speaking today in Connecticut. Actually doing the Junior(Making Your College Search Count) and Senior(Making your College Count) programs. I love both! Off to get ready.


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Robin said...

Wow, Joe's artistic ability blows me away ;-)

VERY cute. You two are made for each other :-) Here's hoping this underway goes by quickly!