Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh the Sun in Bahrain

Well here I sit in the sunny and not as hot as last time Bahrain, Sam commented that I have no concept of time and in an effort to do better I am waiting until at least 6 am there to call. I mean not that she would ever wake me up every morning at the crack of dawn with that cute little prairie dog face she makes when ever she thinks I am awake. I am trying to be nice, mostly so that when I get home and want to sleep in I can bring this fact up.

The time in port goes way toooo quick there has been a lot of work to do and not as much time to talk to Sam as I would have liked. That being said I have had a chance to talk to her a lot more then last time and that was good. So we are more then 1/2 way done. I am very happy about that. I am not going to lie and say I am not home sick, I very much am. It's great to have the support from home, Sam is great about sending me things and all the cards and notes I get make this the best that it could be. Also knowing that there are lots of people to take care of her while I am gone has been a big help, I know she has been in need of that help a few times. Thank you for all the help Ray and Cindy. It means a lot to have a great support system in place for her. And you guys send great care packages.

I also want to thank all the people who have sent me cards, Steve and Becky thank you for the note, it was very nice, cant wait to see the band again. Shawn and Becky thank you, Aaron is no longer here but its still a strange coincidence. Robin and Greg, thank you for all the nice cards. Steve and Gail thank you very much for the gift it means a lot. Also Jeannie and Ken, Pete and Sue, The Laurie family, Becky Butler...and many more-the cards are great. Keep them coming. I will be very glad to get home and have some time there and I look forward to seeing everyone when I get home until then, thank you again for all you do, you are in my thoughts.


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Robin said...

So glad you are halfway done and enjoying some sun and lots of great cards and care packages! Can't wait for you to come home!