Thursday, October 23, 2008

And they're.... off!

They are gone again!
Two thumbs down!

I *do* try to remember the quicker they...go... the quicker they come home! Even though it seems like that is SO far off- I know it's closer and closer every time I lay my head on the pillow.

Joey and I really made some progress during this particular port with communicating. I think I have mentioned a few times(ha-ha) how difficult it can be to communicate ANYTHING during deployment. There is so much unknown to both parties. So many hidden feelings(they have to hide them to do their job well). So many hurt feelings(why don't you ACT like you miss me - stuff). It's just difficult for everyone involved. No one suffers more, everyone suffers differently. It's a lot of work to keep everyone happy. We ended this port on a good note. No sobbing goodbye. No yelling. No angry feelings. Just some kissy faces and waves. The way Joey and Samantha always act. Goofy.

It's hard but it will all be worth it when I can touch him. He has a lot of concerns about re-adjusting when he gets home. I don't share those same concerns but I was glad he expressed them to me while we were on the phone. It's interesting to hear about what he worries about. We seem to worry about completely different things.

For now I am staying excited since I am waiting for cards and a box from Bahrain. It is keeping my mind off the time dragging which is a good thing! Oh- and I'm having fun designing our Thanksgiving card with Mary! Keep an eye out for it!


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{ Becca } said...

Lol, you ARE on my list, you goofball! You've been for ages!