Friday, October 3, 2008

It's finally FALL

I truly love Fall.

But... Gosh is the FALL kind of lonely.
The deployment has flown by pretty quickly. We're 1/2 through! I can tell that the 2nd half isn't going to go as fast as the first half did.

I'm supposed to be picking apples and watching the leaves turn colors with him. And although I enjoy hot chocolate and apple cider. It's not really the same unless he makes it. I think I can almost replicate his cocoa. I can't touch his apple cider. He's always so secretive when he's mulling it on the stove.

Renassiance Fairs go on when Joey's gone but I haven't found myself getting a group together to go to one like I thought I would. I know it would just make me sad. Joey and I act like kids at those things. We chomp on chicken legs, cheer on the jousts and dress up for the events. And I always end up leaving them with something I didn't need but Joe claims I have to have. He spoils me. When he's gone- it's the other way around. I spoil him. He's on a submarine under the sea and he already has the latest PSP game(God of War) waiting for him across the world for when he pulls up somewhere. Don't get me wrong- I enjoy spoiling him. It's just been so long since he's gotten that silly look on his face and tells some sales person.. " We'll take it " while I shake my head. He always finds it much more amusing if I completely disagree with the purchase. I'm not disillusioned to the fact that because we're not together he isn't buying things for me that I disapprove of. There has been more then one eye brown raise on my part back home when his deployment credit card statement has come in for me to pay.

I like watching the leaves turn all different colors. I just wish he was here to share it with. I really love fall. Things just aren't the same when your best friend is gone. I find myself looking over at a blank space in bed, in the car and even out in town when I have something silly to say. I try to find comfort in coming home to tell him in e-mail. It's not the same though.

Boo deployments!


{ Becca } said...

Awww, we should enjoy fall together once Jason leaves! Although, I can't make cider, I do LOVE homemade hot chocolate!

Girly movie night sounds fun!

Lishak said...

I share the same deployments. I totally know what you mean. Things you normally do really aren't as fun with the hubby! Good luck with the second half. :)

Jenn and Eric said...

I know that they arent the same, but feel free to snuggle with Alvin this winter. We both know how much he loves you. Well, your rear end anyway.