Saturday, October 18, 2008


I'm very excited about today. It's our(wives and moms) 1/2 way celebration. Woo-Woo! I was actually the committee chair on this event and am so excited it's finally here. My committee spent the entire night last night making three tier star cakes and raffle baskets. We have worked so hard to make this night super special and I'm glad it's finally here. AND most importantly I can't wait to see the video they made for us. Joey said he has a beard in it.

I also got woken up around 6:45AM by my husband. I was so shocked and happy. He has duty today- so it's a treat to get to talk on the phone. It was a good conversation. The first one that I felt happy when the conversation was over. It can be so difficult. Most conversations leave me wanting for more, More, MORE! I knew he had to specifically make time to call me and I know he took longer on the phone with me then he really had. And he told me he sent me some mail from Bahrain. YAY. I love mail. It was a perfect day/night to end the conversation well. It's such a celebration to be 1/2 way!

I'll feel lucky to be celebrating with all the wives from our boat and really special that my best friend Becky(there on Eric Doe's behalf) and my mother (the coolest M-I-L ever!)will be there. I couldn't have a better support team or a more dedicated husband. My husband is dedicated to trying to understand deployment from my point of view. Recently he said... " Is there something I could do to make it better for you?". I said that I couldn't think of anything- but what I was thinking is... You just made it better by saying that. At the end of the day- Joe's sacrifice is always the bigger one, the harder one... but it's nice to know he can see my sacrifice too.



USS Retired said...

Happy Halfway!

{ Becca } said...

YayYayYay! Have fun!!

Williams Family said...

Congratulations I hope you have an amazing night tonight you!!!!

Mary said...

I just love halfway!