Friday, June 6, 2008

Time flying.... sort of

Ah... it's so crazy. All the things to do. Working a 2nd job isn't making it any easier. I did get a chance to talk to Joe on the phone and see him on our web cams this past weekend. He had pulled into port for a few days. It was great to hear his voice and run a bunch of things by him.

I'm so excited that the shower is on Sunday. My girls are really doing an amazing job with everything under such short notice. My parents have also been very supportive and wonderful. I can't explain to everyone how much this has all meant to me. Thank-you Mom, Alicia, Becky, Karen, Robin and Liz!

I'm very busy figuring out table arrangements and getting my bridesmaids gifts finished. All things Joe is secretly happy not to be dealing with ( I'm sure ). Although he might trade that for being underway right before a deployment.

We started getting very generous shower gifts(from people who couldn't attend) and wedding gifts(from people who can't attend) in the mail this week. It's very exciting but a little sad. I wish Joe was home to open then with. I can't wait for him either because I have to get Thank-You cards out since my mother is throwing a 2nd shower right before the wedding, I don't want to save them to do all at once. Phew! Anyway, all the gifts have been wonderful. The Lauries got me designer Miss Me jeans that I had been wanting from the store for my shower. I thought that was so sweet. I really am so lucky to have such wonderful/thoughtful people around!

Can't wait for my husband( I still believe I will never tire of the title)
to come home!


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Robin said...

3 weeks to go!

Looking forward to tomorrow :-)

I hope the rest of Joe's underway flies by!