Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Everyday is a get ready for deployment day. I finished up a lot of projects these last few weeks while Joe has been gone. I still have a few more. I finally made a calendar of when things have to be done by so that I can be totally organized and get them all finished up. Some of the stuff I picked to do was time consuming- but still very fun. I know he'll enjoy them during deployment.

I live in reality- which helps me. I'm not sad. I will be strong.....

And then I read Anna Hawfield's deployment poem
Oh, the tears.

Nice work Anna.

By night I fall asleep against your heart
Tucked to your side, the solace of embrace
My only refuge in these transient times
Our life together an embodiment
Of universal principles of change
Connecting and dividing, like a cell
We shift between reunions and goodbyes
The elemental cycle of our days

The gift of separation, a rare wealth
Of solitude within companionship—
A double-edged sword, this chance to breathe
Asphyxiates our interwoven plans
As we accept with courage and good faith
A future penned by far removed commands
Adrift in tossing seas, a cell divides
Surrendering to birth our separate lives

Tonight I sleep in shelter of your arms
Tomorrow looms with bleak and lonely nights
When distance will invite our disconnect
And I must find my way by other stars
An organism cradled by the tides
A phosphorescent glimmer in the sea
That gathers and divides us, with its palms
Upturned to lift us or to cast us loose

Awake I lie across your beating heart
In darkness memorize your sleeping breath
Our life together built of absences
Yet forged in hope of future permanence
With hope I dream of years against your skin
With prayer I send you out beneath the waves
My anchor not our constance but our change
My love the beacon that will guide you home