Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sub bed (cont.) and YAY WEDDING

Joe is excited about the bed. He thinks that the front circles should be real fish tanks. And he wants to put lights on it. YAY fun project.

Today is a duty day for Joe- but he signs out on leave tomorrow. He goes back next Thursday.

Today is my last day of work too. I go back next Thursday.

WE are soooo excited.

AGAIN- a HUGE thank-you:

Liz, Becky, Robin and Karen. You are AMAZING girls. What would I do without you?
My Mom and Dad- You rock.
Eric- for making sure Joe's night was taken care of. And Taps.
Pete and Sue- Thank-you
Bonnie and Chris - for the "drink" offer -LOL
Herm, Bill... for helping with the trees and ice!
Kelly- for putting up with me these last few weeks. And Tap.
Jill for the caligraphy AGAIN.
SWC - advice and support.
Jeannie- advice, comfort and love.
The Laurie family
Katie at Hope and Stetson for emergency help.
Megan Butler- my favorite seamstress!
H - for taking care of the "after" music.
Shawn and BB Henderson - Offers for help and beautiful signs!

THANKS to anyone I missed... It's almost PARTY time.

Getting extra excited.

1 comment:

Mary said...

I think fish tanks for those front circles are a perfect idea. It will be so cute!