Tuesday, June 17, 2008


100 things you might not know about me.

1. I don't have any tattoos and never plan on getting any. I've never liked them on the opposite sex either. Although Joe talks about getting dolphins(sub world)or his wife and daughters names- And either would be OK with me.
2. I really love been married. I love signing my new last name. When my new SS card came in this week... I had a big grin on my face. I'm not so fond of my new initials SLL-but...hey, can't win them all!
3. I love a good bargain. It's hard for me to buy something that isn't on sale/that I don't have a coupon for.
4. I am a hopeless romantic.
5. I really know nothing about makeup...even though I grew up in the beauty industry. I can barely put on blush correctly. My husband thinks this is great.
6. I love laffy taffy. And truffles. I don't buy either.
7. I wish I lived more green. But I don't know a lot about it.
8. I LOVE getting dressed up and going out to nice places. I would rather do that once a month then go to Applebees/TGI Fridays every week.
9. My ALL TIME favorite movie is Man on Fire. I still cry and I've seen it over 10 times.
10. I am consistently re-evaluating my life - financially and emotionally.
11. When I was younger...I wanted to be a teacher. That's what I went to college for. Lucky for me they have you in the classroom 2nd year. Phew! I knew after my first day this wasn't the gig for me. Funny, I ended up in a classroom anyway.
12. I don't LOVE shopping like most women. I love a good walk with my husband. A good chat. A good book. Not a good stroll in the mall.
13. Purple is my FAVORITE color. I hate PINK. My baby shower invites will say. Purple only- if I am giving birth to a girl.
14. I always wanted to have three kids. Joe wants 1. We are compromising at 2. I'm hoping the second round is twins- so I get my way. :) We'll see what life has in store for us!
15. I am horrible at math. Failed Alger bra in HS. And then Geometry.
16. I am passionate to a fault.
17. I love cold cases. Anything on TV that is actual detective work/stories. I LOVE THEM. Could watch for hours.
18. I don't have any trust issues. It's nice.
19. I REALLY wish I could relax a little more. I worry about everything. Mostly things way in the future. I've recently started getting nose bleeds from this instead of just insomnia. *sigh*
20. I live my life with no regrets. Everything I've experienced has gotten me to where I am today. I am thankful for that.
21. I feel like if you can't pay for it with a check- you shouldn't buy it. I hate debt. Even car debt. I have it figured out to the penny what we pay on Joe's truck in interest every day ( 1.82 ) THAT bugs me.
22. I think I will love being pregnant. I think Joe may not love me being pregnant. And I know myself enough to admit that.
23. I don't really like the dark. I get scared. This is why we have a gun. So if there are any prospective robbers/rapists reading this. I will blow your head off.
24. I have a huge problem with people who talk down to me. It's the way they say it- not so much what they are saying. I refuse to speak/hang out with those people when those occurrences happen.
25. I love traveling and want to see so much more of the world.
26. I feel like there is never enough time.
27. I want to go to Disney with Joe before we have kids. And then I want to go when the kids are extra young. I know this is silly-they won't remember it...but a wise person once told me(When I said, what a waste!) I didn't go for them. I went so that my husband and I could see and capture the looks on their faces.
28. One of my favorite things in the world is to curl up next to Joe and read. While he is reading.
29. I didn't settle. And I could of. I'm so proud of myself.
30. Marriage is not a fairy tale...And there is no prince charming- but there are butterflies every day- and I never thought Prince Charming was that cute anyway.
31. I find religion to be cult-like. I don't judge people who take part in it- It's just not for me. I don't believe in any kind of god. See below.
32. I watched my dad die. See above.
33. I can be very very cold. I can close myself off to something and just be done. It's how I cope.
34. When I was younger.. I would lose myself in a relationship and forget that I could stand on my own. Now I am more independent then I ever dreamed of.
35. I want to learn how to snowboard. Joe and I plan to get this out of the way next winter.
36. I am very confortational. I tell it like it is. This limits my friend circle- Some people can't take it. I wish everyone would do that. It's so annoying to try to guess. I'm not a mind reader.
37. I am a HUGE list maker. Joe hates this.
38. I do not get jealous. Joe does.
39. I love coming home to Joe. He always is holding a cup of tea or glass of wine.
40. I sing in my car all the time. I never sing in the shower.
41. I don't nap very well. I wish I could.
42. I only stop thinking on the back of the Harley and on Vacation. It's a curse.
43. I am scared of Doctors and Dentists. When I have to go, I get rashes to this day the night before.
44. I would never pay for a magi zine subscription.
45. I really want a whirl pool tub in our master bathroom.
46. I have never not written a Thank-you card.
47. I wish I could cook better. My mom is a really good cook. We're Italian.
48. I hate wearing hats. I hate Joe in hats.
49. I play World of War Craft. I love it. Joe and I love to play together. When we are away from each other. We bring our headsets and play together.
50. Most oils make me breakout.
51. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie.
52. The chore I hate doing the most is cleaning the sinks in the bathroom.
53. My middle name is Leigh.
54. I hate roses. I like Gerber daisies or star gazer lilies
55. I do NOT have a green thumb. I try though.
56. I hate peppermint ice cream of any kind.
57. I really want to see Europe before I hit 30.
58. I get home sick easy.
59. I am not a good test taker. My husband is an excellent test taker.
60. I am very hard on myself.
61. Getting flowers for no reason makes me smile.
62. It's the little things that mean the most to me.
63. I will have my own business before I am 30. We already have most of the details worked out.
64. Once I become set on something in my head, it is extremely difficult for me to let it go. My husband is worse then me.
65. I love scrap booking. I have A LOT of supplies for it.
66. I've come to realize that the term "friend" should be applied loosely.
67. I've learned who really matters in my life and that most of the others are just fillers during various periods of my life.
68. I tend to be bossy. This is because I think I have the best way. If I think someone else does- I will shut up.
69. My eyes are blue.
70. When I am trying to lose weight. I won't eat between 8pm at night and 10AM in the morning. I also cut down to one cup of coffee.
71. I never smoked.
72. I can be complicated at times.
73. I like that Joe worries about me sometimes. It makes me feel safe and taken care of.
74. I love Country music. I also love ROCK.
75. I don't like poetry.
76. Some day I will drive a candy red BMW convertible.
77. I am very judgemental. I try to work on this.
78. I loved being an only child. I never wished for siblings.
79. I really love coffee.
80. Coffee is my favorite kind of ice cream. It was my Dad's too.
81. I like to workout in groups. Working out alone is hard for me.
82. I would really like to finish my MBA some day.
83. I would like to learn another language with Joe before we start trying to have children. We have decided that we will start Spanish when he gets home from deployment.
84. I have high expectations of everything- and that often times ruins my experience.
85. I have perfect vision.
86. I sleep naked. Joe makes me because he does.
87. I get car sick in the backseat.
88. I love having a schedule.
89. I love hand holding. I am glad Joe is not scared of a little PDA.
90. I like pet nicknames. Joe calls me monkey, muffin, bub and goofy. I call him button and bubby.
91. I can't listen to music while I am trying to accomplish anything. It's too distracting for me.
92. I hate when people talk about " the secret " - I think it's a load of crap.
93. I love little kid things - like going to the circus, Disney on ice..etc.
94. I have a secret that no one knows but Joe and I.
95. I am one of those people who think - Screw me once, shame on you - Screw me twice- shame on me. I tend to hold grudges and not make up with people who have wronged me.
96. I have tiny stretch marks on my upper legs. I have no idea why. I've been the same size forever.
97. I wish my nail bed wasn't so flat and that they grew nicer.
98. I like grapes after they have been in the freezer.
99. I think it's cute when Joe mentions our future kids. He talks about it more then me and that makes me content.
100. At the end of my day- I want to be in Joe's arms always. That makes me smile.

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Amaze-a-zing Anna said...

Love the list! I might have to do one of these.

I laughed about what you said in another entry about reading Joe's emails over and over. I do that too! It's ridiculous! I can stretch a three-liner into two days of feel-good. And when he sends me an especially gooey one, god, I practically memorize the damn thing, and I still feel googly every time I read it. I guess that's what you do with every crumb you're tossed when you're starving...