Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dreary Day!

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out here. What a rainy dreary day today! I worked in Mystic- It was pretty slow due to the weather. I called my step dad this morning to wish him a Happy Fathers Day- He had planned to go on the Harley today but I'm not sure that will happen!

Wedding reception planning is coming along. My mom has been an amazing help-which has been great since I have been working so much and finishing up different things for deployment. It's amazing how time consuming a bunch of little projects can be.

I miss Joe.
In spirit of that...Here are some other reasons that I love living with Joe and being married to him:

- The pillows smell like him when he's gone.
- I spray his cologne all over all his white t-shirts and wear them to bed. It's kind of sexy when you think about it. ( or when he thinks about it )
- I got all these sexy little numbers at my shower to which I yelled ( in front of family ) everyone is helping me get laid. ( LOL, opps... Samantha...some tact please ) But, It's true!
- He writes in emails that he misses me- but will have to settle to our dream dates. This is when we both dream we are in the same place. It works in theory.
- He leaves me notes on the fridge. Things I forget like the answering machine code. Those kinds of things. He makes sure I am his own ways. It's comforting.
- He found and hired someone to cut our lawn. I think of him every time I pull in and it's cut. He doesn't want me to have to worry all the time about every little thing (even though I usually do )
- He signs emails....stop working so hard. That makes me laugh. I love him.
- He now has changed nicknames and mostly uses: monkey, goofy, muffin or little bub. I find this nicknames wonderful. I guess when we have kids- they might go away. I'll just be Sammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. But- they are here for now.
- He wrote me an email to tell me ( in response to me telling him we got two of something )that we shouldn't take it back...we should put it in our hope chest for the kids on the way. I responded- there are no kids on the way and we don't have a hope chest. He thinks we should get going on both of those things. I think he might be crazy. Crazy but I love him.
- He likes/uses the crazy soap I put by the sink and in the bathrooms. It foams. It's from Bath and Body Works. He should get an award.

Oh. I miss him.

And lastly:

:) My nicknames for Joey: bubby, button and pickle. He lets me call them these names - even in public ( although not to loud! ) and he doesn't flinch or seem to mind. He's a good husband.

xoxo- Samantha

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