Saturday, May 31, 2008

Becky(little) Bachelorette party

BB's bachelorette party was last night. Good times had by all. Her wedding party(Jessica,Nancy,Christina and I) all met at my house for 6:00pm on Friday evening. Everyone had made a dish and there was enough food for about 20 people. We chatted for a while when everyone first arrived and then put in "27 Dresses". Great chick flick. We did pedicures and chatted until almost 1:00AM. It was nice to spend some time with some of my favorite girls.

This afternoon/evening I worked in the store. I love it there. It's nice to work with yourself and help people find great things that they look fantastic in. I'm working tomorrow and my parents are planning to visit. I'm super excited about that.

Getting excited about 6/28 now! We got our first registry gift today in the mail. A close friend of the family - Janet M and her daughter Nolan - couldn't make it to the shower and sent one of the steak knife sets we really wanted off our registry. I was so excited. I know Joe will be thrilled. Our favors also came in and I finally picked our linens earlier this week.

Only 29 more days until our Wedding Celebration!

Even though Joe is currently underway I was reminded this afternoon of one of the reasons I adore him ( story time )

I work in a high end boutique in Mystic, CT. We have a lot of really nice clothing for women. We also carry really cute/expensive clothing for toddlers. This very pregnant lady came in with her husband. She tried on one of our BEAUTIFUL (but pricey) cardigan sweaters and looked perfect in it. I don't know if it was her big beautiful belly, the color of her hair.... or just the fit of the cardigan. It just looked beautiful. I could tell ( anyone within a 10 mile radius could tell ) how much she wanted and how beautiful she felt in it. She kept looking over at him for any sign of it being okay to purchase it. She got nothing. She very sadly put it back on the hanger and left the store.

My heart ached for her. Every woman deserves a special item or two that make them feel beautiful and special. I have no doubt Joe would have encouraged a purchase like that. I wouldn't have even had to ask. He would have wanted me to have something that made me so special.

I guess sometimes I take those kinds of things for granted. He has always treated me like gold and I am very lucky for it. Those people came into my store for a reason. They came into my store to remind me of how special my marriage is. And to remind me to continue to keep a positive attitude about this upcoming deployment. There are many couples who get to be together every day and are miserable. I don't get spend every day/week/month with Joe. But I do have a very happy marriage. I share the time I do have in a loving wonderful relationship. At the end of the day, that is what counts.

But... boy do I miss him.

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SinlessTouch said...

wow, looks like the bachelorette party was a big success! I hope everything goes smoothly in the next phase of your lives! Cheers!